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Stressing? This Wearable Helps You Get a Hold of Yourself

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted November 12, 2020

Picture this scenario... 

You come home after a 10-hour workday. Your job isn't the cushy behind-the-desk kind... not what you'd call "low-stress." Your legs are tired. Your nerves are shot. You're touchy, irritable, hungry, and just want some peace and quiet.

But peace and quiet aren't in your immediate future.

You come to a house full of chaos. The kids are screaming and fighting. Little Billy posted a politically charged meme on his class Facebook page, and now there's a pending meeting with the principal.

Your aging mother, who's just moved in with you, can't find her medication, can't get Netflix to work on her TV, and has apparently spent most of the day moving furniture and rehanging paintings.

As a result, your wife is also irritable and touchy. Her day has been just as bad. Maybe worse. She wants her own bit of peace and quiet. She's not going to wait for you to decompress.

You take inventory of your options. You can wind yourself up and start running around, putting out the fires one by one at the cost of your own sanity and cardiovascular health. You can get right back in the car and return to work for a sudden "emergency" that won't wait till morning. You can yell and scream like an escaped insane asylum patient until everyone in the house is cowering behind their respective closed doors. Or there is that bottle of Johnnie Walker in your office bar that's been giving you sexy eyes for the last few weeks. 

Are You Fighting a Losing Battle?

None of these options will actually make you feel better. Sure, the yelling and screaming will release some pressure, but at what cost? Your home is the only real "safe space" that you have. Jumping into the role of problem-solver won't help in the long run either. You need your rest. You need to reset before tackling another set of problems. Returning to work will only delay the inevitable and will also lead to no rest, so that's out. The whiskey, while the most tempting, is also probably the worst path you can take.

Instead of settling on any of these options, however, you decide to try something else... something new.

You sit down at your desk in your home office and slip a dark grey plastic halo over your head. You switch it on and feel it buzz momentarily to confirm that it's operational. You pick up your phone, open up an app, and are presented with six options.

Happy. Calm. Sleepy. Alert. Focus. Relax.

For this time and place, "relax" is clearly the frontrunner. You tap it, feel the halo buzz again, and sit back, letting your eyes close.

Within a few minutes, the sounds of the house slowly start to fade into the background. You know they're still there. You're aware of the issues, but your mind is finally starting to rest — finally starting to reset. Everything that happened at work that day also fades into the background. Yes, there will be more to deal with tomorrow, but that's OK. No need to think about it now.

You spend 30 minutes in quiet meditation, not asleep, but also not entirely present. After the 30 minutes are over, you take the halo off, put it back in its cradle, and stand up.

Better, Safer, and More Legal Than the Alternative

You're refreshed and calm. Your heart rate is down. Your blood pressure is back to normal. You still hear the sounds of the house all around you, but it's no longer a crisis. You're ready to tackle the next set of problems with a cool, clear mind.

Now, this might sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but the halo device described above actually exists today. You can buy one online, download the app to your smartphone, put it on, and use it to steer your mental condition based on those six settings: happy, calm, sleepy, alert, focus, and relax. 

I know all of this is a bit hard to swallow. Believe me, I had trouble believing it when I first got the call from the man who developed this product for the consumer market. But the science behind the magic is real.

The technology that makes this device work was originally developed by a company called EMulate, which spent years (and tens of millions of dollars) creating a method to stimulate the body's natural immune response to fight off deadly diseases like brain cancer.

That device, which was thoroughly tested and proven to have a clinical effect on patients suffering from some of the deadliest classes of tumor known to man, uses ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves to stimulate the brain.

There are no chemicals entering the bloodstream. There are no permanent changes to the patient's physiology. There is no hangover and there are no side effects.

When a young tech entrepreneur learned about the power of electromagnetic stimulation, he had an interesting thought: If this technology can have the profound effect of boosting a body's natural immune response, what else can it be designed to do?

Affecting mood and emotional state was the obvious answer.

Taking Medical Tech to the Mass Consumer Market

After years of development and more than 30,000 hours of testing, this wearable piece of medical technology finally hit the market on a very limited basis earlier this year.

As of now, there are only six settings available for users to take advantage of, but soon that list will grow into the dozens, perhaps hundreds.

The technology, in theory, can synergize with music, movies, and even video games to create the most immersive, realistic entertainment experiences ever.

But this is all in the future.

At the moment, the company that builds this device is just getting its first units out to the consumer market. Only a couple thousand are out there so far. 

That said, the research and development department is actively working on expanding and improving functionality. Soon enough, this technology could go down in history as the next big thing in consumer entertainment. 

Think of it as the natural successor to the radio, the television, the internet... only this technology has the potential to work alongside anything and everything that came before it.

It's only the very beginning, but here's the kicker: The stock is already public. It IPO'd just a couple of weeks ago on a Canadian exchange.

You can buy its stock today. 

I know it's a lot to grasp, so I created an in-depth report explaining the hows, the whos, and the whys of this incredible new technology.

Don't wait another second. Get your instant access right here. 

Fortune favors the bold,

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