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Natural Gas Prices Headed to $1

T. Boone Thinks it Bottomed

Written by Ian Cooper
Posted April 16, 2012 at 1:12PM

Good thing I didn't listen to my local gas and electric company last year, and lock in those "low" natural gas rates.

After reporting on that here in December 2011, natural gas fell from $3.60 to less than $2.

natural gas prices from december 2011

So it's no surprise that after another $1.50+ drop, the fools are rushing out to call the bottom.

Natural gas prices “are as low as they'll get,” said T. Boone Pickens in recent interviews, for example.

But the man may just be out of his mind. Calling the bottom in natural gas here is like trying to call the bottom in housing.

natural gas prices April 2012


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