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Major Advances Are Happening Right Now in Gene Therapy

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted April 2, 2019

Gene therapy has been a hot topic lately. So what exactly is gene therapy?

It’s an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. Biotech companies are researching and developing this technique to possibly allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery.

There are several approaches to gene therapy, and researchers are testing them, including replacing a mutated gene that causes the disease with a healthy copy of that gene; knocking out a mutated gene that isn’t functioning properly; and introducing a new gene into the body to help fight the disease.

These approaches are still very risky, but they have the potential to be a helpful and promising way to treat a variety of diseases like inherited disorders, some types of cancer, and certain viral infections.

One gene-therapy company called Axovant Gene Therapies (NASDAQ: AXGT) is working hard to research and develop innovative gene therapies. The company aims to develop and deliver therapies that will change the treatment of neurological and neuromuscular diseases.

Axovant is interested in making therapies that will help patients with long-term results for diseases they’ve been diagnosed with. Every day is precious, especially for people who have been diagnosed with neurological or neuromuscular diseases. Companies like Axovant are focused on long-lasting therapies instead of small improvements in treatments or symptom management.

Axovant combines cutting-edge gene transfer techniques, innovative vector design, and tailored delivery methods to ensure the safety, efficacy, and durability of its gene therapies.

In the past month, the company has announced some really great news for some of its gene therapy studies. Both of its studies have exceeded expectations on the amount of efficacy achieved in each respective disease. The company was able to move forward with higher doses since it saw positive results with the low doses.

One of these studies was for Axovant’s Phase 2 SUNRISE-PD, which was studying two patients with Parkinson’s disease using a low dose of its AXO-Lenti-PD. The other study was on a child with Tay-Sachs disease. The company expects to continue to move forward with these studies through 2019. If it continues to have strong results, then the company and shares will continue to rise.

Shares rose by 35% earlier this month because of the news about its gene therapy candidates for severe Parkinson’s disease and Tay-Sachs disease. News releases like these are a huge factor in increasing share prices for biotech companies. These companies are putting a lot of money and time into research and development, and when it finally pays off and there’s the potential of a drug becoming the treatment of choice or even the cure to a disease, that’s groundbreaking for the company and the health care industry as a whole.

Axovant shares opened up the market at $1.34 on Monday, April 1. More news like it had in March could pave the way to huge returns for investors.

On March 11, shares for Axovant climbed 65%. You could have easily been a part of this climb if you were paying attention to this stock and other similar biotech stocks that exploded in March.

The Biotech Industry Is the Breeding Ground for Massive Profits

My colleague Jason Stutman has been following the biotech industry for many years. He knows of the massive gains that can happen in just one day from companies in this industry, and he knows what causes them.

There’s nowhere else in the market where traders will find returns like the ones you’ll see from development-stage biotech companies. It’s truly astounding.

Jason wanted investors to actually benefit from this industry, so he spent the past year dedicating his time and energy to developing a tool that would help investors just like him. He built a network of doctors, analysts, and former bench scientists who work closely with these development-stage biotech companies. Networking is everything. Having connections and firsthand insight about groundbreaking and innovative drugs is what will set you apart from other investors.

On April 18, Jason will be part of a free webinar, in which he will talk about how he and his team have developed a trading strategy that allows investors to earn maximum profits from biotech stocks. With this network, he’s realized that there are a few catalysts that cause these massive returns in the biotech industry. He’ll be taking the time to explain those catalysts to you and how you can make them work for you.

He will also share with viewers the private calendar he has put together that indicates other critical dates for small biotech stocks, so you won’t be kept in the dark when it comes to these massive profits.

As I mentioned earlier, Axovant rose 68% in one day, and you could have reaped the rewards from that pop if you knew what was happening.

Jason's webinar is going to help you learn how you can stay aware and always reap those rewards! Mark you calendars. You're going to learn a lot about making money on April 18. 

Until next time,

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