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Israeli Mossad Style Approach to Coronavirus Tracking

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted April 16, 2020

Dear Reader,

On Wednesday, March 18, if you were in Israel, you might have received this alarming text message on your phone:

Hello. According to an epidemiological investigation. You were near someone sick with the coronavirus. You must immediately isolate at home [14 days] to protect your relatives and the public. ... This information will be used only for this purpose and will be erased when no longer needed. Sincerely, public health services.

The text would have addressed you by name and would have come from an unfamiliar phone number, and most likely, would have caused your heart to skip a beat.

The technology behind this state-of-the-art human tracking capability is something the Israeli government has been developing, for years, to deal with a different kind of threat: Extremist attacks on civilian and military targets.

Being a covert solution to a military problem, the public had no way of knowing how effective this approach was to dealing with terrorism, but when applied to the coronavirus epidemic, the results speak for themselves.

The first coronavirus case was recorded in Israel on February 21. Almost two months later, the country boasts one of the lowest death rates anywhere in the free world.

With 140 mortalities as of this morning, the Israeli coronavirus-related death rate is just 16/1 million population. 

By comparison, Canada is at 27/1 million population, the U.S. rate stands at 86, the U.K. is at 190, Italy is at 358 and Belgium, with the highest count in Europe, is at 409 dead per 1 million. 

Mossad Takes Aim at Coronavirus

Mind you, Israel is a modern, sophisticated, cosmopolitan society with a steady inflow and outflow of foreigners from all points across the world, particularly from Europe and North America.

Though this sort of big brother approach to pandemic tracking may not sit well with privacy conscious Americans, the end result is hard to dismiss.

It's also a technological reality that in the coming years is going to imposed on us, whether we like it or not.

Pandemic tracking of this variety is just one aspect of the universal connectivity that's already being planned for most major western cities.

It's part of the same package which will give us mass-adoption of driverless cars, smart highways and ultimately, the smart city — a concept that up until now has existed only in the minds of futurists and forward-thinking tech moguls like Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

The nuts and bolts of this wide array of technical problems are currently under development in the R&D departments of technology companies all across North America.

Most of these companies you've likely never heard of, and for good reason.

The sensors they build have little applicability in the consumer market.

It Will Transform Our World Within Five Years

However, for the future of our society, they will become as essential as water and power delivery, and the big tech brands know this.

For that reason, many of the smaller, unknown names that are driving this quiet revolution have become targets of big-dollar corporate buyouts.

The most recent case of this involved Adesto Technologies, which was acquired earlier this year by Dialog Semiconductor for $500 million — more than 50% above Adesto's market capitalization at the time of the agreement.

As of today, few companies dedicated to the creation of smart-city sensor tech remain on their own.

But there is one, and it's among the smallest, most cutting-edge of them all.

There's a pretty good chance that even as you read this, acquisition talks are already in progress. I have no way of knowing, of course, and if I did, I would not be able to tell anybody.

But given the size of the company, the technology it builds, and the current state of the market, the chances that a buyout isn't on the horizon is fairly slim.

It Could Already Be Too Late

Because of how rapidly this situation is developing, I rushed a research report through production so that my readers could get the full benefit of the information before anything else happened.

The report was initially supposed to include Adesto Technologies, but, with the Dialog acquisition, I was left with just this one company.

I urge you to get your hands on it as soon as possible, so you can see the magnitude of the opportunity we're looking at here.

It's available right now, risk-free. Click here for immediate access.

Fortune favors the bold,

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