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Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted April 12, 2017

Hello, and welcome back to Investing After Hours - a Wealth Daily podcast dedicated to helping everyday investors navigate major investing trends.

Our team of experts has specialized knowledge in a variety of investing methods — and we cover all of them here, broadcasting from above the Baltimore harbor.

I am your host Alexandra Perry, the research director at Wealth Daily.

 This week, we are tackling the investment that everyone is talking about: Bitcoin. 

Here at Wealth Daily, we have been following Bitcoin for years. 

In fact, we told investors to buy when it was $600 dollars. Today, if you had followed our advice, you would have tripled your investment. 

Bitcoin has been around for almost ten years, but many people still don't understand what it is, how it functions, and its economic possibilities. 

Which is why we decided to make it a subject of our podcast. Christian DeHaemer, an editor at Energy and Capital, joins us to talk about Bitcoin's long-term potential, possible competition, and current value. 

Christian works with oil and crisis markets — and he knows a good opportunity when he sees one. Many people are speculating that Bitcoin will be the new gold, and it is plausible. 

And this podcast extends past Bitcoin, tackling the other profitable digital currencies that have emerged in its wake.

Are any of these worth your money? The answer may surprise you.

Christian DeHaemer

Christian DeHaemer

Over the years, Christian DeHaemer has made his readers a fortune by finding small, little-known oil companies with tremendous upside...

Christian uses a unique blend of value investing coupled with a specific catalyst he calls "The Hammer, Trigger and Spark System." Christian's system keeps your money in play and ensures rapid profits.

He encourages buying stuff you can drop on your foot: oil, gold, and other commodities.

He shares his insight and stock picks with readers in the pages of Energy and Capital and his advisory service, Crisis and Opportunity.

Alexandra Perry

Alexandra Perry is Wealth Daily's research director and a contributing analyst for Energy and Capital. She has multiple years of experience working with startup companies, primarily focusing on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, alternative energy, and biotech.

Her take on investing is simple: A new age of investors can make monumental returns by investing in emerging industries and foundational startup ventures.

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