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How to Disrupt an $11 TRILLION Market

Written by Jason Williams
Posted April 22, 2022


That’s the number of British thermal units (or Btu) the world is expected to consume in the year 2050.

For comparison, in 2000, the world consumed a combined 406 quadrillion Btu.

Back then, the world was spending about $4.3 trillion for the 406 quadrillion Btu it was consuming.

In 2020, the number of Btu had climbed to 600 quadrillion and the amount spent on it to $7.2 trillion.

About a 50% increase in the energy we consume led to a near 70% increase in the cost of that energy.

So if we’re looking at that demand more than doubling off those 2000 numbers, we’re talking about the cost of that energy soaring even higher.

If the math holds, consumption will jump by 120% and the cost will increase 167% to $11.5 TRILLION!

That’s a HUGE market! And it’s RIPE for disruption…

But I Thought Renewable Energy Was Big!

You might not realize it thanks to all the cheerleading about growth in renewable energy, but the vast majority of the worlds power comes from coal, oil, and natural gas.

electricity production by source world

Solar, wind, and hydro power all make up a tiny silver of the supply that meets our ever-growing demand.

And batteries aren’t even mentioned — because they don’t generate energy, they just store it.

So there’s a massive opportunity waiting for the company that can come up with a fuel source that can rival coal, oil, and natural gas.

That opportunity gets more interesting when you realize that aside from industrial consumption, transportation uses the most energy…

So What About EVs?

It gets even more interesting when you realize that most of the transportation innovations we’re seeing companies research and develop are just ways to store and release energy.

If someone can come up with a way to create energy instead of just storing stuff that was created elsewhere…

Well, that person or company would command the lion’s share of what’s growing into an $11.5 TRILLION market.

And there are a couple of companies out there trying to figure it out and “build a better mousetrap.”

Some are working with hydrogen fuel cells. But those are just another way to store energy that you generated somewhere else. They’re also a little dangerous, as they can explode...

Like this:

hydrogen fuel station explosion

Others are talking about using miniature nuclear reactors to power our cars and trucks. But I’m sure you can imagine the backlash they’re getting.

And then there’s this tiny Canadian company that my friend Alex tipped me off to a few weeks ago…

The Oil Killer

He called it the “Oil Killer” when he first told me about it, and you know that moniker caught my attention.

"Oil Killer"? Really? Do tell…

So he did. He’d found this company helmed by a former NASA engineer that was decades further along than anyone else when it came to alternative fuel sources.

You see, this idea has been in the works for close to 100 years, but it's finally ready for a full-scale launch to the public.

And as soon as that happens, Alex is convinced (and I am too) that this company’s stock price will absolutely skyrocket.

That’s because what this company will debut is an unlimited supply of cheap zero-emission fuel.

And you already know I’m not talking about some kind of new battery. Nor am I talking about nuclear power or hydrogen fuel cells.

This company’s developed a completely new type of fuel that provides more power than gasoline, has more range than the best battery on the market, and creates ZERO harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s kind of like the Holy Grail of energy production. And the company that owns the patents is still flying under the radar.

No Time Like the Present

But that’s not going to last for long. Once this company starts up full-scale production, every investor out there is going to be falling over themselves to get on board.

That’s why I want you to hear what Alex uncovered and learn how to get yourself invested now, BEFORE the profits come rolling in.

So take a few minutes of your time today (or over the weekend) to check out his presentation or read his report.

Then you’ll be set to sit back and smile as this company dominates the transportation fuel sector.

And I’ll be back on Monday with more ways to pad your portfolio with profits.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason designed and analyzed complex projects for the U.S. Army. He made the jump to the private sector as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he eventually led his own team responsible for billions of dollars in daily trading. Jason left Wall Street to found his own investment office and now shares the strategies he used and the network he built with you. Jason is the founder of Main Street Ventures, a pre-IPO investment newsletter, and co-authors The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.

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