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Charles Mizrahi Talks Value Investing

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted October 20, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Investing After Hours — our Wealth Daily podcast dedicated to helping everyday investors navigate major investing trends. Our team of experts has specialized knowledge in a variety of investing methods.

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I am your host Alexandra Perry, the research director at Wealth Daily.

Welcome to Episode 17: Charles Mizrahi Talks Value Investing.

Everyone wants to get rich fast.

And in a world where instant profit is attractive, many investors forget to hedge their more speculative bets with stable investments. Value investing, a profitable investing method that's focused on intrinsic value, is one of the investing methods lost in a jumble of cutting-edge speculative investments.

But investors shouldn't overlook value investing. Why? Well, if you buy groceries, shop at stores, and buy books on Amazon, you already have the basic skills that you need for being a value investor.

Here's an example...

Imagine that you go to the store and buy a $6 bag of coffee.

You know that the coffee may go on sale later. And when it does (say it's currently "buy one, get one free," making each coffee bag $3), you stock up. You know that you're getting more value for your money and that you'll have enough coffee for the whole year.

Value investing is similar, but instead of coffee, you are talking about stocks. You may know that a stock is actually valued at $60, but you buy it for $30.

It's like getting something half off that you know will be more valuable later.

On today's Investing After Hours, Charles Mizrahi joins us to talk about value investing.

Charles has been investing for over 35 years and has built steady income through value investing. Today, he shares with investors who are new to the concept some of the knowledge that he's gained over his career, including some cautionary tales against the allure of speculative investments.

Charles just launched a new investment advisory service called Park Avenue Digest.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi%2C Founder Editor of Park Avenue Investment ClubCharles Mizrahi’s impeccable reputation began on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange. He started his career on Wall Street at the age of 20. And not long after, he moved on to become a wildly successful money manager.

Charles was ranked the No. 1-performing market timer — not just on Wall Street but in the entire U.S., based on the actual performance of client accounts. His reputation doesn’t stop there; he’s also been ranked by Barron’s as the No. 1 commodity-trading advisor.

He is the founding editor of Park Avenue Investment Club and the editor of his Insider Alert advisory service. These services provide readers with insight and knowledge that benefit them in the long run.

Over a one-year period, he's netted his clients 113% returns. Over three years, he's brought in 313% returns. And he knows firsthand what it’s like to manage a $200 million portfolio during market booms and busts.

Park Avenue Investment Club has been named one of MarketWatch’s 10 Best Advisors. Charles’ dedication to providing readers with information that will take their portfolios to the next level led him to write his highly acclaimed book Getting Started in Value Investing (Wiley). While many gurus boast of astronomical return rates over very short time spans, their claims don’t stand up to scrutiny. Charles is focused on giving his readers the gains that matter the most — gains you can retire on and will be around for years to come.

Alexandra Perry


Alexandra Perry is Wealth Daily's research director and an associate editor of Technology and Opportunity.

She has multiple years of experience working with startup companies, primarily focusing on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, alternative energy, and biotech. Her take on investing is simple: A new age of investors can make monumental returns by investing in emerging industries and foundational startup ventures.

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