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BREAKING: DEA and DHS Support Cannabis

America's Watchdogs Quietly Announce Their Support for Legalization

Written by Jason Williams
Posted July 19, 2018 at 8:00PM

Perhaps the biggest news ever for the legal cannabis industry just hit. But nobody’s talking about it...

Even though it could mean the end of federal prohibition is nearly here.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just released data from 2017. And it signals that both agencies are already seeing the benefits of legal marijuana.

Green Market Open = Black Market Closed

You see, they just put out numbers that show a massive drop in the illicit market for cannabis in the United States.

Between 2016 and 2017 — just one year after several more states legalized medical and recreational marijuana — the DEA and DHS seized 36% less illegal cannabis inside the United States.

That’s the difference between nearly $12 billion and about $7 billion.

But it’s not just inside the country that they’re seeing the effect.

Their data also shows that smuggling dropped just as drastically. Seizures at the Mexican border fell from over $1 billion worth to around half that.

So, legalization is decimating the black market here in the U.S.

AND it’s eliminating the dangerous drug cartels at our southern border.

Legal cannabis is literally making the United States a safer place. And both the DEA and DHS agree.

“The Year Cannabis Wins”

I’ve said before that 2018 will go down in history as the “year that cannabis won.” And every day I get more proof that I’m 100% correct.

This most recent data from the DEA and DHS — the two agencies tasked with keeping dangerous drugs off our streets and out of our country — may be the most pivotal news yet, however.

These two agencies’ sole responsibility is to make sure Americans are as safe as possible. And they just told us that legal cannabis is helping them do just that.

Nobody can refuse to listen to that.

And that includes all the lawmakers still grandstanding in D.C. against federal legalization.

That means we’re going to see wholescale, nationwide marijuana legalization very soon.

Maybe even this year...

It’s Almost Too Late

And when that happens, the companies involved in the cannabis industry are going to explode with profits.

Their shares are going to scream 100%, 500%, 1,000% higher as the days and weeks leading up to legalization pass.

They’re going to keep on climbing as the industry grows to tens of billions of dollars a year.

But the stock market is forward-looking. That means it gives out big gains early.

And that means once the announcement comes, all major profits will go straight to the investors who got their shares early.

Sure, people will see super triple-digit gains after the news breaks. And they’ll still get solid gains as the industry grows and matures.

But the ones taking home millions in profits...

The ones banking those unbelievable 100-bagger gains...

The people with two or three commas in their bank accounts...

They’ll be the ones who get in now.

They’ll be the ones who find the companies destined to become the next Anheuser-Busch or the next Philip Morris.

And they’ll be the ones telling their grandkids about how they became marijuana millionaires.

Cannabis stocks across the board are already moving up. But it’s not too late to get in for the big win.

And if you’re unsure about buying into some canna-bubble reminiscent of the internet boom of the late 1990s, fear not.

You see, some companies in the ’90s went bust. But the really good ones, they became Amazon, Google, Intel, and Cisco.

And their investors are still making money.

And my partner and I have found the one cannabis investment that’s going to become the next Google, Amazon, and Intel all rolled into one...


We found a company that’s related to the cannabis industry but doesn’t grow, process, or sell cannabis.

But without the precious (and extremely limited) resource this company provides, the entire marijuana industry would die out.

And this isn’t some small foreign company you’ll have to worry about getting pumped and dumped, either. It’s an American company headed by American executives with an amazing track record of success.

And it trades on U.S. exchanges, so no buying ADRs or exchanging your currency for international trading, either.

Plus, the real icing on the cake is that this company is mandated by the U.S. government to share nearly all the profit it makes from cannabis with shareholders.

If it doesn’t pay up, it loses its license to operate. Period. There’s no way around it.

How’s that for an incredibly safe bet on the future of the cannabis industry? I know, it’s pretty good, right?

No Time Left to Wait

But the thing is that with every passing second, more and more investors are finding out about this little-known investment.

And it’s getting more expensive every day. That means your profits are getting smaller the longer you wait to get yourself invested.

Right now, there’s still time to get in and be part of the massive run coming. But the longer you delay, the less of a shot you’ll have to score truly life-changing profits.

And if you wait too long, you’ll miss your chance and be forced to watch all the people who listened and acted retire millionaires.

I don’t think you want that to happen. I certainly don’t want it to happen to you.

And that’s why I’m urging you to look at this presentation my boss put together about the investment.

Keep in mind, usually it’s the analyst giving these presentations. But our founder was so impressed with what I was showing him that he insisted I let him be the one to let everyone know. That's quite the endorsement!

So please, don’t wait another second.

Click here and see what Brian has to say about “the only pot stock in [his] portfolio.”

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Either way you get the information, just promise me you’ll get it.

You won’t be disappointed. I promise you that.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason analyzed complex projects and budgets for the U.S. Army. Then, at Morgan Stanley, he led the assistants' team for the North American repo sales desk, responsible for hundreds of multibillion-dollar trades every day. Jason is the assistant editor for The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.


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