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All You Need to Do Is Buy Gold

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted July 24, 2011

Welcome to the Wealth Daily Weekend Edition — our insights from the week in investing and links to our most-read Wealth Daily and sister publication articles.

Fate smiled on John Reed.

Reed was a Hessian soldier who deserted the British Army at the end of the Revolutionary War.

He then had the good fortune to settle near the Little Meadow Creek in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Becoming at the time what passed for an illegal immigrant, it wasn’t long after that Reed’s stake in the Carolina countryside made him wealthier than he ever could have imagined…

On a Sunday morning excursion in the woods, his son Conrad suddenly spied “a yellow substance shining in the water.” There in the creek, he found 17 pounds of gold.

Reed took the rock home, where he used it as a doorstop for three years after a silversmith told him it was worthless.

It wasn’t until much later that John Reed made what might have been one of the worst deals of all time…

Finding out at last the “rock” was gold, he sold it a Fayetteville jeweler for the measly sum of $3.50. In reality, it was worth 100 times that amount.

Still, news of the find quickly spread, setting in motion the nation’s first gold rush 49 years before the more famous California Gold Rush had hordes of gold-seekers heading West to pan the rivers for nuggets.

Fortunately for Reed, that Sunday morning find was just one of many that enabled him to become a man of significant wealth over the years.

More than two hundred years later, you don’t need a mine of your own to follow in his footsteps…

Thanks to Ben Bernanke’s ongoing war on the dollar, all you need to do is buy gold.

Of course, we’ve been saying as much in the pages of Wealth Daily for years now. In fact when metals guru Luke Burgess penned his first bullish gold article back in June 2005, gold could be had for a bargain-basement price of $441/oz.

Today the price of gold is pushing new highs again at $1600/oz, making for a 263% increase over the last six years.

(In the meantime, equities as a whole have been down to flat.)

And true to form, the readers who climbed aboard this trend have been banking big profits in the new gold rush…

gold rush

That is one pretty chart.

Now here’s the thing: Six years later, Luke is still bullish on gold. He finds the long-term supply-demand picture for gold “extremely compelling,” and believes “we’ll see gold prices begin to parabolically rise past $2,000 by the end of 2011.”

That means our chart isn’t finished to the upside yet — not by a long shot…

“Overall,” Luke says, “gold will easily break $4,000 per ounce, while silver could reach more than $150 per ounce.”

As Luke explains in his most recent report, the Fed is now essentially between a rock and a hard place that will undoubtedly continue to benefit the holders of gold and other precious metals over the long haul.

That being said, your own fate awaits…

Have a great weekend.

Your bargain-hunting analyst,

 steve sig

Steve Christ
Editor, Wealth Daily

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