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A Word to the Wise

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 23, 2011

With Easter only a day away, I find myself thinking about nothing but coconut cake, preferably in the shape of a bunny.

That’s because, for the longest stretch of my life, Easter never changed. Not one little bit. And to a certain degree, it used to drive me crazy — especially when I was a teenager…

There was the usual church in the morning, followed a big family Easter dinner at my aunt’s house. Big Doots we called her, although I’m not sure exactly why… her name was Delores.

She was my great-aunt, really. And like most great-aunts, she would down a big glass of gin and chase us all over the house, trying to land a big, wet kiss on us. She called us her “little darlings” and she always left a huge smear of red lipstick across our cheeks.

And so it went, year after year — lipstick, gin, turkey and Smithfield ham from Parker’s Market, sliced impossibly thin.

And of course, there was always that delicious coconut cake.

But there was quite a bit more to it than that… I just didn’t realize it at the time.

In between the Manhattans and the martinis and a Jell-O mold, the men of the family were always talking to my Uncle Charlie about money in some smoke-filled corner of the basement.

In my family, when it came to anything having to do with money, Uncle Charlie was the man to talk to.

He was shrewd with money, and everybody knew it. His car may have been all beaten up and his clothes always threadbare, but the truth was that he hadn’t held a job (not in the traditional sense) since the Great Depression.

Looking at him you would never have guessed it, but he was self-made man. And he owed it all to his various investments.

And so the plumber, the car salesman, and the cop all spent part of their Easter Sunday picking his brain about stocks, bonds, and the price of gold in between drinks, noisy kids, and Easter eggs.

It wasn’t until much later, of course, that I figured out what was going on and began to listen. And sadly, that time was cut short. He passed away long before I could really take it all in.

What Charlie did manage to stir up in me was an incurable love of stocks — and even more than that, a desire to make money with money. Without those moments, I’m not so sure I would be doing what I am today.

“It’s all about taking and managing risks,” he used to say. “It’s just that simple.”

“Figure that out, and you’ll never have to work again,” he’d declare with a loud chuckle and a wink. Smart guy.

Of course, they are all gone now — the plumber, the cop, the car salesman, and even Big Doots. The last Easter supper at her house was more than 16 years ago. I really miss those days…

All that’s left now is their ghosts, and they don’t say as much as they used to.

(Unless, of course, I’m eating coconut cake — then they all seem to be talking at once.)

A word to the wise: Enjoy it while you still can.

As for the markets this week, I’ve given them a rest — even though it has been impossible not to notice $1500 gold and silver checking in at $45.

That trend will continue pushing gold and silver prices to one new high after another. And according to precious metals expert Greg McCoach, one company’s multi-billion-dollar goof just created the easiest gains you’ll make this year.

But that’s just one of the many eggs our editors have put in the basket this week…

Below are this week’s top-read investment insights from Wealth Daily and Energy and Capital.

Best wishes to you all this holiday weekend,

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Steve Christ
Editor, Wealth Daily

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