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5 Gifs That Define Ethereum Investing

Written By Alexandra Perry

Posted May 25, 2017

In the world of Ethereum investing, things are getting heated.

The digital currency is surging in leaps and bounds, attracting plenty of first-time investors in the process.

Of course, those investors quickly learned the meaning of “panic-inducing volatility.” Nothing will make a person’s heart beat faster than a 20% correction and subsequent $50 dip in price. (Thank you, Friday Ethereum.)

If you are an Ethereum investor, you’ve probably experienced a wide range of emotions this week. If you are a novice, welcome aboard.

Today, I wanted to take a break from heavy, information-focused articles and offer some comedy to those on the Ethereum journey.  After all, it’s Saturday — let’s start the weekend on a high note.

The First Time You Invest in Ethereum

When the Price of Ethereum Drops Immediately After Your First Buy

When You Are up 100% on Your Ethereum Investment in One Week

When You Should Rebalance Your Digital Currency Portfolio, But Go All In On Ethereum

When You Go to Bed At Night, Knowing You Are Still Making Mad Money

Good luck with your investments!