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3D TVs Sell Out - Here's How to Profit

Written By Christian DeHaemer

Posted March 17, 2010

How to Profit from the 3D TV Boom! Panasonic Sells Out the First Week…

People scoff at the idea of 3D television. The hangover from a ton of bad revenge of the zombie movies back in the day leave the general public with the idea that its nothing more than a gimmick to sell schlock B movies.

But the recent blockbuster Avatar in S3D not only made it the best selling movie of all time, but sent the company IMAX’s shares through the roof…

Take a look:

Up 700% in 13 months!


IMAX has a lot of 3D technologies and could do very well in the future. But as a general rule, I don’t buy at the top.

The next big thing is to bring the 3D experience into the home.

Panasonic Corp is one company making 3D TVs. The company announced today that they sold out in the U.S. in their first week.

Panasonic is already the world’s largest plasma TV maker. The surging demand from retailers for 3D TVs is forcing them to take back orders.

We all know that Avatar is the biggest selling movie of all time… but what is really surprising is that the critically panned Alice in Wonderland became the sixth-biggest debut in box office history, boasting the biggest opening for a 3D film.

This technology has legs and is going to run.

Many expect that sporting events will continue to drive 3D TV sales. The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast in 3D this summer. (For readers in the United States, that’s a big soccer tournament… )

ESPN will broadcast 85 live events in this technology a year starting in June. Discovery, Disney, Sony are all on board with their own plans.

According to Bloomberg, 12.9 million TV sets are expected to ship by 2011 — tripling this year’s growth figures. Without a doubt, these sets will be the next "must own" device.

Don’t Knock the Glasses

The big knock against this new viewing medium is that you need glasses to see it. If you are going to have a big party, you need a bunch of glasses. You can’t show off your new gizmo if you can’t give everyone the same great experience.

One company — XpanD — will start selling 3D glasses in June in a range of fashionable colors, costing between $125 and $150 a piece. That’s a lot of money to keep your guests happy.

The nice ones might be great for family members, but you want the cheap ones for the slob neighbors.

My buddy Nick Hodge over at Alternative Energy Speculator recently found one company making 3D glasses from a bioplastic that will cost 80%-90% less than current glasses with "10-foot lamberts per eye," which the company says ensures a flawless 3D performance.

Not only is this company solving a problem in a hot new consumer product just when the economy is turning around using "green" technology, but it’s also a jumper stock.

Let Me Tell you about Jumper Stocks

Jumper stocks are those stocks that jump from the bulletin boards to the NASDAQ or other large market. These are the small caps that made it.

It’s not easy to meet the strident listing requirements of a major U.S. market; it takes years. The requirements practically ensure that the company has a solid balance sheet and massive growth.

What makes these stocks so appealing is that most fund managers can’t buy bulletin board stocks, due to their bylaws. But they can buy them once they show up on the NASDAQ.

This allows small investors like you and me to find easy profits and beat the Wall Street fat cats at their own game.

Take Unilife, for instance (NASDAQ: UNIS). I recommended this prefilled safety syringe maker a few months ago when it was trading on the bulletin boards for $0.83. The company has a lot of major deals, massive growth, top notch management, etc….

The company went through a 6 for 1 split to make the $1 listing requirement, putting our readers’ buy in at $4.98. Then the company listed on NASDAQ on February 10, 2010, at $26.40!

That’s a 430% possible gain in a little over a month from a recommendation from my Crisis & Opportunity service.

One reader, Troy, said: "Got out of UNIS b/w $26.25 to $24.50. Thank you so much for the great picks."

I’m a little upset that Nick beat me to this 3D glasses jumper stock, because I know how well these things work… But hey, it couldn’t happen to a better guy. Nick tells me this company just went through the reverse split and will get the NASDAQ listing by the end of the quarter.

There is some time, but not much.

Nick and his Alternative Energy Speculator have found a number of great companies. Right now, one of his big ones is a battery maker in China that has turned its attention to making cars.

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, calls it "One of the most interesting small companies in the world." This outfit is so hot, it just got a deal from Daimler — and blew out its earnings number. It surged $1.50 yesterday alone...

The company is currently trading just under $10 and is looking to break out. As a bonus, it’s easy to buy in the U.S. Read all about it in this free report. And as a bonus Nick, will toss in his latest jumper — the 3D TV glasses stock — for free.

All the Best,

Christian DeHaemer
Crisis & Opportunity

Christian is a 14-year veteran of Wall Street and has beaten the market for the past ten years. His last three stocks are up 57% in three days, 251% in five weeks, and 106% in a little over six months. He runs the Crisis & Opportunity trading service, which has recently focused on extreme values in Mongolia resource companies. Click here to find out more.