How This AI Company Is Solving the Energy Crisis

Alex Koyfman

Posted July 6, 2023

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If you could increase the power your car produces by 20%–25% without affecting fuel consumption or substantially changing the structure of the engine, would you do it?

Right now an AI company based in Calgary is doing just that, only not for standard ICE vehicles but for electric cars, boats, and motorcycles. 

But the breakthrough that creates this extra power goes far, far beyond electric vehicles. It could, in fact, have major implications for our global energy supply. 

You see, this company managed to create power from nothing but applying finely tuned AI algorithms to the electrical charge delivery inside of an electric motor’s copper coil. 

ptt electric motor

This simple but fundamental alteration to basic electric motor design represented the first major change to the mechanism since its very advent almost 200 years ago.


The First Redesign Since Michael Faraday

Electric motors equipped with this AI "brain" would now produce more power with the same amount of energy, all the while generating less resistance, which means less heat and a long service life. 

Of course, anyone building products containing electric motors would be interested in such an improvement, but a potentially larger, more important application was quietly waiting in the shadows. 

Run charge through an electric motor and the axle over which the copper coil is wrapped will spin. Reverse the process, however, and impart spin to that axle from an external source — say, a flowing river or a passing air current — and charge will flow out of the motor, turning it into a dynamo, more commonly known as a generator. 


The benefits this AI brain gives to electric motors also work in reverse, meaning that now the world’s generators — which produce about 99% of humanity’s energy — can work with up to 20% more efficiency. 

That’s almost one-fifth more power out for the same physical force applied. 

Free Energy?

Taken on a global scale, that’s about the annual electrical production capacity of Brazil, the world’s seventh most populous nation. 

If that sounds important to you, then you’re right. It is perhaps the most important application of AI technology that we’ve yet seen.

The company that owns the patents to this AI brain for electric motors and generators is almost unheard of by the investing community. 

The reason? It’s still small, with just a $270 million market capitalization. 

At that size, few institutional investors are going to bother with it, which means most mainstream financial media outlets will also ignore it.

And yet the markets that its technology could upend (think every EV-maker, every power company, etc.) are worth trillions. 

I’ve been following this company for some time, and right now it looks like this technology is finally on the brink of mass commercialization. 

Don't Wait for Forbes to Write This Up

The tech has found its way into electric boats, bicycles, and motorcycles. The next step will likely be supply agreements with major partners — and a resulting explosion in revenue. 

Which means that today, right now, may be the last time you see this company in the development stage. 

I shouldn’t have to tell you what that means for share value. This is easily a multibillion-dollar firm, given how important this single innovation is to so many sectors. 

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