The Hydrogen Highway

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted November 9, 2006

Dear Quantum Investor,

Long before the Internet became the "Information Superhighway," it was nothing more than the odd realm of scientists, academics, defense types and computer geeks.

But as you well know, it wasn’t long before scores of entrepreneurs and their venture capitalist friends recognized its profit potential and succeeded in turning it into one of the greatest investment opportunities of a lifetime.

If you were there in the 90s then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you weren’t, you ought to ask some of the people that were. I’m sure they will be happy to tell you about the fortunes they made back in the day investing in high-flying dot-com stocks.

I mean, Cisco Systems went from its 1990 IPO price of $0.08 per share to $80 by 2000. It was a gain of over 99,000%!

But like all great investment opportunities, the Internet eventually ran its course. And ever since then we have spent much of our time looking for the "next big thing" that will take the markets by storm the way that the net did over ten years ago.

And recently we think we’ve found it. In fact, we are sure that we have.

It’s called the "Hydrogen Highway," and like the Internet, it and all it entails will provide investors with some of the greatest investment opportunities of the 21st century.

Now, while we are not going to get into the specific details today of the express lanes to profits this highway will create, you needn’t feel slighted. Because, believe me, as we tool down this highway uncovering its gems now and in the years to come, you are going to know as much about it as we do.

To learn more about the specifics about the Hydrogen Highway, go here:

But before you do that, we are going to give you the first on-ramp to this new hydrogen economy.

It’s a company called Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. (QTWW:NASDAQ), and it’s poised to deliver the types of solutions that will one day make this highway as commonplace as the internet.


Last Friday the company announced that it had received a multimillion-dollar purchase order for its hydrogen fuel storage systems to be used in the Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell program.

It is part of GM’s effort to begin building and deploying the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in 2007. Quantum’s role in this ambitious project will be to provide its state-of-the- art Type IV (polymer-lined, all- composite) ultra-lightweight fuel tank technology to the program.

And given the importance of this storage component to the development of such vehicles, General Motors is not its only customer. The company’s customer base also includes Toyota, Opel, Hyundia-Kia, Suzuki, Ford, DaimlerChrysler and another biggie, the U.S. Army.

But the best thing about this company is that it is cheap.

Its shares currently trade at around $2.00, which is considerably less than its book value of $3.22 per share. It is also considerably less than revenue per share, which currently stands at $3.44.

Heck, shares of this company are even less than that gallon of gasoline that it’s seeking to send the way of the horse and buggy.

So fill up while you can . . . that new world is not as far down the road as you might think.

We recommend Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. (QTWW:NASDAQ) as a "buy" under $2.00.

Go Fish Lands a Whale

GoFish Corporation (GOFH: OB) has been trading for just five sessions now, but on Friday the company landed the big one. In fact, they landed a whale.

His name is Peter Guber and last Friday he was elected to the board of directors at GoFish.

And while you may not immediately recognize his name, you would certainly be familiar with some of his work. "The Color Purple," "Rain Man," "Batman," and "Midnight Express" are just a few of the many movies that he has produced.

In fact, Guber is such a Holly wood heavyweight that films he has produced have earned more than $3 billion in worldwide revenue.

But despite all of that success and his position as CEO with Mandalay Entertainment, it is the potential of online video that has this famous film producer pumped up this time.

"As a creative entrepreneur in filmed entertainment in all media for over 30 years, I find this medium incredibly exciting," said Gruber referring to online video.

"The traditional content and entertainment business is being transformed by consumers and user-generated video. Professional content creators will need to adapt to a fundamentally new form of storytelling, one where users become a critical part of the creative process," Gruber further explained.

But as excited as he is about the transformation of video entertainment in the online arena, it is GoFish that has grabbed his attention.

Says their newest member of the board of directors, "GoFish is one of the few companies in this space that wants to differentiate itself by collaborating with the scarcest resource-the talent."

And when Gruber said that, he said it all. Because as with any other endeavor it is the talent of the individual that makes the difference between just good and off the charts.

And with such talent always in short supply, GoFish has reeled in a big one.

Peter Gruber is a difference maker.


Brian Hicks

P.S. If you have not yet received our report on GoFish, The Next YouTube, click here to view it.

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