Joe Biden's $15 Billion "Network for Nobody"

Jason Williams

Posted August 20, 2021

Never mind the debacle in Afghanistan, the super-spreader event on Martha’s Vineyard, or the growing number of COVID cases among both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The only thing the talking heads and politicians want to discuss these days is how great their Green New Deal is going to be for the country.

They’re going to spend trillions to update everything for a transition to renewable energy. We’ll get new grids and massive solar projects. We’ll be generating our energy from the wind and the waves.

And we’re going to get a nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations paid for entirely by taxpayers (and likely sending profits entirely to political donors).

And the best part about it all — or I guess, the most ironic part — is that none of the plans they’re making will actually help the country transition away from fossil fuels.

There’s too much lunacy to cover in one article, maybe even too much to cover in one lifetime. So I’m going to focus on the EV side of things for now.

Let’s see just how ridiculous the White House’s plans for this EV charging network really are…

You Can’t Charge Here

President Biden plans to spend at least $15 billion to start building a network of high-speed charging stations across the country.

He’s hoping to get 500,000 up and running by 2030. The only problem with that is that even if he gets them up, most people aren’t going to be able to use them.

You see, every EV from every different company that makes EVs uses a different kind of battery. Sure, they’re all lithium-ion batteries, but the recipes are drastically different.

They all use the same metals, but they use them in different amounts. And those small differences mean that you can only safely charge one of those batteries using its company’s chargers.

(It also means the batteries are near impossible to recycle, but that’s a topic for another day…)

So if you’ve got a Tesla Model S and you’ve got a Tesla supercharger nearby, you’re fine.

But if you plug that Tesla into a supercharger owned by a company like Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK), you run the risk of critically damaging the extremely expensive battery.

The largest charging network in the country is currently owned by ChargePoint (NSYE: CHPT). But it’s the same story. Plug a Tesla into that and risk needing to buy a new battery for as much as $10,000.

So depending on the car you have and the type of chargers taxpayers are forced to buy, you still might have to wait a few days for your EV to get charged up.

What we need isn’t a piecemeal nationwide charging network. This isn’t like gas stations, where they’re all selling the same product and you can pull whatever model car into them.

What we need is a standard for EV batteries so they’re more like gas-powered cars.

You don’t have to take your Chevy to a Chevy gas station to make sure you’re putting Chevy gas into it with Chevy pumps.

Why should you have to hunt for a Tesla station to plug your Tesla into a Tesla charger? You shouldn’t. But without a major innovation in EV technology, that’s what you’ll have to do.

Just What We Needed

Thankfully for us, the president, and the planet, there’s a company on the verge of just such a breakthrough.

In fact, it’s already made the breakthrough in the lab and proved it through countless experiments.

Now, it’s just got to make that crucial step from the lab to the factory before you start seeing its products in every EV that rolls off any assembly line around the world.

What this company and the brilliant researchers leading it have uncovered amounts to what some are calling “the holy grail” of battery technology.

It’s literally the one thing every inventor, scientist, and researcher who’s ever worked with energy storage has been trying to accomplish.

Even the inventors of the lithium-ion batteries we use today were stunned that this team had been able to do what they thought was impossible.

But do it they did. And thanks to their innovations, we’re soon going to have a new standard in EV batteries. And we’ll finally be able to really start the transition away from gas-powered vehicles.

So what did they do, exactly? In short, they invented a better mousetrap.

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression at some point: “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Well, that’s what this company has accomplished. It’s taken an existing technology we all rely on every day and found a way to make it even better.

And the world is beating a path directly to this company’s front door. It’s already secured over a BILLION dollars from savvy investors like Bill Gates.

Plus, it’s already got a deal set up to outfit the biggest EV-maker on the planet with its new high-tech batteries as soon as they’re ready to produce at scale.

The Right Place at the Right Time

And that’s where the really big profit opportunity lies with this company…

If it were already producing these batteries and they were already in all the EV showrooms around the world, this stock would be trading for $200 (maybe even $2,000).

But it’s not. It’s got the technology. It’s proven it works. And now the next step is to get the technology to the factory and into all those EVs.

Sure, you could wait until the company has batteries in EVs around the world. You’ll probably do pretty well for yourself and might even double your money.

But if you want the kind of gains that can actually change your life, you need to be invested before that happens.

You need to be in at the ground floor if you want to ride the elevator all the way up to the penthouse.

And that’s why I’ve put together a special presentation detailing the problem, the solution, and the massive profit opportunity this company has created.

Just take a few minutes of your time today and give it a watch.

It’s completely free, and worst-case scenario, you’ll learn something you didn’t already know.

But best-case scenario, this stock shoots up from around $20 to around $2,000 and you become a multimillionaire thanks to your early investment.

Without this company’s technology, the nationwide charging network and all those dreams of a fully electric world are dead on arrival.

But with it, we can usher in not only a new era of conservation, but also a new era of prosperity for ourselves.

I really hope you’ll take advantage of this incredible opportunity. But the final choice, as always, is yours.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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