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Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

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Lithium may be the most important commodity market on planet Earth at the moment. 

It powers everything, from the biggest ships sailing the high seas, all the way down to the Fitbit or smartwatch you may be wearing on your wrist. 

And that demand is clearly evident when looking at what’s happened to lithium prices over just the last couple of years. 

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan… Not just as a newsletter editor, but as an investor as well, as a large chunk of my personal funds are allocated to lithium production plays. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking your ear off about one play in particular — a company that’s revolutionizing lithium production in ways never seen before. 

This company has managed to pull lithium out of ordinary oil field brines in a way that cuts production time down from 10 years — the average for typical lithium mining operations — to just two months. 

There is no exploration required, no mining, no evaporation. They know where the lithium is because it’s been collecting in these ponds for decades. All that was needed was an efficient filtration method and presto, you’ve got some of the cleanest, purest, most efficiently sourced lithium known to man in 1/50th the time it would take to produce it by standard methods. 

Is This Today's Most Prospective Lithium Pure Play?

I personally own shares of this stock and expect to hold them for at least a year, as the company moves from its pilot program to commercial production, which is set to kick off next summer.

Needless to say, I’m excited about the prospects, even in a depressed market such as this one. 

But that’s not the main topic of this editorial. 

Because while lithium may be today’s solution to energy storage, it, like everything that came before, will eventually be superseded by what comes next.

And what comes next will do to the current lithium industry what coal did to muscle power at the start of the Industrial Revolution. 

The next generation of batteries will be engineered around a different material. 


You may have heard of graphene. It’s a substance so new and so advanced that it won its principal researchers the Nobel Prize in Physics back in 2010. 

Back then it was little more than a science experiment, but today, with new production processes cutting overhead by orders of magnitude, it’s set to become one of the 21st century’s most popular and most revolutionary materials. 

Did We Get This Stuff From Aliens?

Graphene is a nanostructure — meaning it’s engineered on a molecular level. 

Its properties are nothing short of amazing. 

Here are just a few examples: It’s 200 times stronger than steel. It’s so light that a football field can be covered by less than 2 grams of it. 

It can be made to fill a variety of niches, from aerospace to medical technology, but when applied to batteries, things get very, very interesting. 

One company operating out of Brisbane, Australia, has managed to create a graphene aluminum-ion battery that makes lithium-ion look like a throwback to the Stone Age.

We’re talking about 2–3 times the energy capacity, 2–3 times the overall life span, and up to 70x the charge speed

You read that last statistic right. These batteries charge so fast that if your electric vehicle were equipped with a graphene-based battery pack, you could charge it from zero to full capacity faster than a typical internal combustion engine’s fuel tank can be filled at the pump. 

Forget Overnight, These Batteries Will Charge Before You Can Finish This Article

That factor alone completely wipes out the No. 1 hurdle to mass adoption cited by prospective EV buyers — charge delay.

There are other considerations as well. These batteries boast amazing reliability and durability, with almost no fire risk at all. 

In one instance, a graphene battery was even able to absorb a rifle bullet and continue to function. 

Lithium batteries, by contrast, are known to burst into flames simply from normal wear and tear and, occasionally, for no discernible reason at all.

lithium fire

All of this sounds great, but I know what the skeptic in you might be thinking right now. 

If they’re so great, where are they? Is this just another science project with years and years of development necessary for a viable product to hit the market?

Not at all. 

It's Up and Running Today… and Shares Are Trading

This Australian company, which also pioneered a method for producing the world’s cheapest graphene using nothing more than natural gas and electricity, is already turning out the first batches of commercial-grade graphene pouch-cell batteries

There is still testing to be done, but this testing will primarily be carried out by prospective corporate clients to make sure that reality comports with the promises. 

If it does, we could see these batteries on the market as soon as next year, powering some of today’s most popular personal devices. 

Before long, the Holy Grail of the battery market, the EV sector, will get its first taste. 

In the end, the outcome is inevitable… We will have a next-gen battery that completely redefines distributed energy storage. 

To get the inside scoop on this story and the company that’s quietly making it all happen, I invite you to check out my video presentation on the topic.

It’s quick and easy to digest and it will leave you enlightened. 

What you do with the information is up to you. 

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Fortune favors the bold,

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