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First Ammonia-Powered Ship to Launch This Year

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted March 7, 2023

Dear Reader,

Amogy, the Brooklyn-based startup that demonstrated the feasibility of an ammonia-powered semi truck earlier this year, has taken yet another step forward with the announcement of a 100% ammonia-powered ocean-going vessel. 


The company is currently in the process of retrofitting a 66-year-old diesel-electric tugboat with a 1-megawatt ammonia-electric system. 

“We’re incredibly proud of unveiling the first ammonia-powered vessel later this year — especially because of the hope, promise, and anticipation that ammonia has built as a zero-emission fuel in the heavy transportation industry, specifically in regard to maritime shipping,” commented Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy.

This is major news, of course, but let’s be honest… It’s primarily an attention-getting stunt that will earn and, in fact, already has earned the fledgling company a huge wave of attention from the press. 

The problem with viewing this ship as a major milestone for the ammonia fuel industry is that everyone already knows it will work, but a first has to happen, and it might as well be Amogy that pulls it off. 

In the long run, there will be no difference in how things shake out for global shipping.

Ammonia as a primary marine fuel is being studied by the biggest names in the business, both on the builder side, as well as on the fuel side.

From Daewoo and Maersk to BP and Saudi Aramco… all have shown major interest and made major investments in maritime ammonia.

So while Amogy's tugboat may mark an important (albeit somewhat ritualistic) milestone, in the coming years, far larger, more streamlined, more advanced ocean-going cargo vessels will be in service, built and operated by names you already know well.

Ammonia Fuel Is Now Officially a Trend

My point in bringing all this up is that the ammonia fuel revolution is finally starting to get attention from a very reluctant mainstream media. 

In recent weeks, headlines featuring "ammonia fuel" have risen dramatically in number, and along with them, Google searches for the term, which are up 50% since the turn of the new year. 

Now, I said that the media were "reluctant" to cover this story, and there’s a reason for that. 

Just imagine what a zero-emission ammonia-fueled economy might look like. 

Anybody with solar generation capacity in their home could convert electricity and air into ammonia using a patented new process. 

They could then use that ammonia to fuel their vehicle, which was made ammonia-compatible with a few minor modifications.

Or they could store it for any period of time and convert back into electricity during emergencies.

Farmers with small solar fields would be able to produce all the fuel they need to run every vehicle they own and live completely free of the energy infrastructure.

The Ammonia Liquid Battery

Ammonia can power ships, trains, and road cars and everything in between, and it can do it all without creating any CO2 to speak of. 

In a world like that, what role do you think lithium-ion-powered electric cars will play?

It takes more than 2,200 tons of water to extract just one ton of lithium using standard methods. 

It takes untold more energy to refine and create new batteries and then to recycle old ones — of which less than 10% actually get recycled. 

The rest are left to leach their chemical byproducts into the soil for thousands of years. 

The EV revolution sticks us with this, all for the cost of a brand-new $70,000 Tesla, or $100,000 Rivian, or $200,000 Porsche. 

Carbon-Zero in Your 10-Year-Old Chevy Suburban

The ammonia revolution doesn’t even require that you get a new car. 

Of course, there is a linchpin at the heart of all this. 

The technology that allows ammonia to be brewed literally from thin air is what makes a global ammonia-fueled economy possible. 

My colleague Keith Kohl has been following the company that’s pioneering this technology, and all the research he’s accumulated is now available for you to see with your own eyes. 

He’s put it all into a video in which he goes over the market potential, the technology, and what shareholders can expect to see in the coming months. 

It’s quick, it’s easy to understand, and you don’t need to register to see it. 

Just go here for instant access

The way things are ramping up in the ammonia space, I have a feeling that we’re about to see a real inflection point. 

The ripple effects of something this big will touch everything — including the share value of carmakers that have gone all-in on the EV trend. 

Once you start to see that happen, you’ll know that the ammonia revolution is in full swing. 

Get fully informed before that happens. 

Enter here to see Keith’s video presentation.

Fortune favors the bold,

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