Advanced Graphene Battery to Replace Lithium by 2030

Alex Koyfman

Posted June 23, 2022

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It lasts up to three times as long as a standard lithium-ion battery.

It charges up to 70 times as fast.

It's far more durable, which to you, the consumer, means it's far safer and more reliable.

Last but not least, it requires no lithium at all, and that's important because lithium mining is rapidly becoming a Chinese monopoly and therefore presents one of today's most troubling supply chain issues for any tech-related product.

Put all of these factors together and you get nothing short of a paradigm shift in the way energy is delivered to you, the end user.

Just think, an electric vehicle that can be charged faster than any standard ICE equivalent can be fueled at the pump.

Ranges up to and exceeding 1,000 miles and a service life that can be measured not in years but in decades.

The mysterious material that's set to replace lithium as the primary building block for the next generation of advanced rechargeable batteries is called graphene, and to call it cutting edge is an understatement — less than a decade ago, it won its chief researchers the Nobel Prize.

This Single Shape Will Rule the Rest of the 21st Century


Graphene is one of the first-ever mass-produced nanostructures, meaning that it's constructed, and operates, on a molecular level. Its properties are almost alien when compared with any traditional material.

Think 200 times stronger than steel yet as light as a piece of standard copy paper.

If ET himself had been found with a sheet of this stuff in his pocket, it would be no less incredible.

But its strength is just the start of its incredible potential. Graphene is one of the world's most efficient conductors of electricity, and therein lies its potential as a material for the construction of battery cathodes.

All of this may sound like magic, but today the graphene battery revolution is quietly unfolding all thanks to a relatively obscure company operating out of Brisbane, Australia.

Just a few months ago, this company started manufacturing coin-sized batteries — the same kind that keep your laptop's memory stable even when its main battery has been exhausted.

Last week, however, this company took the next step and began building the first-ever graphene "pouch cell" batteries.

pouch battery

Similar to the kind pictured above, these batteries are used in consumer drones, jump-start packs for your car, competition motorcycles, and a variety of other mainstream applications.

It's the next step toward the ultimate goal: full-size EV battery packs and distributed energy storage systems.

All Big Things Start Small

Once that happens, the lithium-ion battery will be all but extinct, as there will simply be no reason to keep them around.

Over the next six years, the graphene battery market is expected to expand at a 26% CAGR, growing from $80 million today to just under half a billion dollars by the year 2028.

This Australian company is leading the charge for one crucial reason. It's been able to patent a method for producing graphene using little more than natural gas and electricity — a vast improvement in both speed and cost efficiency.

Where as before graphene was little more than an impressive novelty material, today it's finally cheap enough to be manufactured en masse for the consumer market. 

Now, you'd think that to have virtually cornered the market on such a world-changing application of graphene, this company would be one of the biggest tech brands in the world today.

That would be a safe assumption to make, and it would also be completely wrong.

This Australian firm trades at a market capitalization of less than $200 million USD.

Imagine Investing in Amazon at $0.02 per Share

Its shares, already public on two major North American exchanges, can be bought for about $2.50.

Compared with the incredible potential of the product and the patented method for making this advanced material, this $200 million market cap is a tiny drop in a very, very large bucket.

It won't stay that way, however.

Once the graphene battery market begins its hockey-stick ascent, this will be a billion-dollar firm in short order.

From there, it won't be a long trip before it's one of the world's premier suppliers of batteries for all applications, ranging from tiny watch batteries all the way up to massive energy storage solutions like the kind powering today's biggest ocean-going ships.

I've spent the last several months researching this remarkable tech firm and have been watching its stock as well.

I've watched share value yo-yo up and down, and today, with the market in turmoil, shares are about as cheap as they'll ever be.

There's really too much to talk about here, so with the help of our video department, I've produced an informational video that covers everything from the science, to the stock, to the long-term potential.

It may be the most remarkable story to hit the tech space since the turn of the century, and you can get it all right here.

Fortune favors the bold,

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