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Government Debt Collection Scam

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted March 9, 2015

The U.S. government has cornered the market on debt collection scams.

Investing During Election Season

Written by Joseph Cafariello
Posted February 5, 2015

With a change in the oval office, changes to business and industry will come as well.

Investing in Cannabis

Written by Joseph Cafariello
Posted July 30, 2014

Like alcohol and tobacco, marijuana is slowly entering the ranks of legal controlled substances. What's next?

The Great Bank Regulation Debate

Written by Joseph Cafariello
Posted July 21, 2014

How extreme do the regulations have to be to keep the banks healthy? Dodd-Frank remains in question.

The Problem with Intellectual Property

Written by Joseph Cafariello
Posted June 13, 2014

While Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Samsung (KRX: 005930) butt heads over patents, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) said "forget it" to its own patents and opened them to competitors. Is there a right way to do this?

Guns for Bitcoin

Written by Marcelina Hardy
Posted March 31, 2014

Sophisticated "smart rifles" can be purchased with cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Pussy Riot Reminds us that Freedom isn't Free

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted February 20, 2014

If you ever need a reminder as to how important our basic Constitutional rights are, look no further than the actions of a Russian punk band that's willing to go to jail and get beaten up, all in the name of freedom and liberty.

Why the Minimum Wage Should be Abolished

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted February 19, 2014

Advocates of raising the minimum wage are ultimately going to end up hurting those they supposedly want to help. The negative effects of minimum wage laws are staggering. Raising the minimum wage will actually make things worse.

Are Republicans Part of the Debt Problem?

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted February 17, 2014

The blame game on the debt goes far beyond the President and other Democrats. From line-towing Republicans in Washington to the American people who don't want their pet projects taken away, nearly everyone is guilty of enabling the downfall of the dollar.

Free College Tuition for Everyone!

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted February 14, 2014

With more than $1 trillion in unresolved student loan debt, some politicians are looking to help American students out. How? By allowing them to default on their loans and screwing taxpayers. Unreal!

Yellen Will Continue to Fuel an Economic Train Wreck

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted February 12, 2014

Are you ready for the new Fed chair? You should be, as Janet Yellen has no intention of going off script. Just like Bernanke, she'll continue to destroy the dollar and lead us further down an economic rabbit hole of despair.

Republican Congressman Wants to Ban Cell Phones

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted February 11, 2014

There are few things worse than annoying cell phone chatter while you're trying to relax. And imagine how horrible such a thing would be if you're stuck on an airplane? Well, the government may soon make sure you're never inconvenienced by such a thing. The only problem is, the government really has no right to legislate annoying cell phone talkers. Or does it?

Kentucky Law Enforcement Violates Fourth Amendment

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted February 11, 2014

Although it's not illegal, law enforcement officers in the state of Kentucky can now pull you over for eating a sandwich or drinking a cup of coffee. They plan to do this throughout the year. So make sure to keep a copy of your Bill of Rights handy!

Obamacare Will Make You Poor!

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted February 10, 2014

Once again, we're seeing more evidence that Obamacare is one of the worst government programs to ever be unleashed on the American people. The latest blow - Obamacare will result in the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs!

The Farm Bill is Just Another Government Scam

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted February 5, 2014

When all is said and done, the new farm bill will cost you about $1,000 a year. What do you get for that money? Well, if you're a lobbyist or big ag player, you'll get continued welfare with little to no opposition. If you're just a regular American, you're getting another bill for government incompetence.