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The Most Hated Investments Are the Best

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 23, 2017

I'll let you in on a little secret of the financial newsletter industry: The markets that receive the least attention at any given time almost always make for the best investments over the long term.

Cannabis and Socially-Conscious Investing

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted June 16, 2017

On this week's Investing After Hours, cannabis investor Jeff Siegel joins us to walk new cannabis investors through the cannabis market.

How Physical Gold Could Outperform Gold Stocks

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 9, 2017

The price of gold is set to absolutely explode. The best position for investors might be physical gold bullion, and here's the most important reason: The return on physical gold bullion could actually exceed gold stocks.

Your Guide To Buying Gold

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted May 26, 2017

On today's Investing After Hours podcast, Luke Burgess walks investors through the process of buying gold online and through local dealers. Make sure to check for these red flags before you make a purchase.

Beat Gold's Emotionally-Charged Market

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted May 19, 2017

Gold expert Luke Burgess joins us to talk about the influence turbulent global conditions have on gold prices. Should you buy when there's political tension?

Illegal Peruvian Gold: Bigger Than Cocaine

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted May 12, 2017

South American governments have declared war on illegal gold mining. If Pablo Escobar were alive today, his business would be gold, not blow.

Geopolitics, War, and Government Spending to Play Key Role for Gold

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted May 1, 2017

This weekend could be your last opportunity to buy gold at a discounted price. The looming conflict with North Korea and potential breakup of the EU is likely to drive precious metal prices higher as early as next week.

These Two Brands Won The Boston Marathon

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted April 20, 2017

The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of running. And this year, two brands conquered the 26.2-mile distance.

Trump Launches Currency War

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted April 14, 2017

Geopolitical instability is just one of the catalysts preparing the launch gold prices into the stratosphere. In an interview on Wednesday, President Trump seemingly signaled he was also prepared to wage a currency war.

Bitcoin is Now Worth More Than Gold

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted March 10, 2017

For the first time ever, a single bitcoin is now worth more than one ounce of gold. But some commentators are also mistakenly associating the rally in Bitcoin with a negative sentiment toward gold.

Gold Stocks Soaring: Still Time to Buy?

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted February 17, 2017

Gold stocks are soaring and investors are already raking in the profits. But is there still time to be a buyer or has the train left the station?

Gold Prices are About to Go Gangbusters

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted February 3, 2017

Gold prices are about to go gangbusters. During 1Q 2016, gold experienced its largest quarterly price gain in three decades. Expect the same for 1Q 2017.

10 Reasons Gold Prices Will Soar in 2017

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted January 20, 2017

The outlook for gold in 2017 is extremely bright. Prices are expected to continue rising. Wealth Daily editor Luke Burgess explains 10 reasons why.

Yukon Gold 2.0

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted January 6, 2017

Since 2008, about 7 million ounces of gold have been discovered in the White Gold District of the Yukon. But these discoveries are really just the tip of the iceberg. Canada's Yukon still holds a multi-billion dollar secret that has eluded geologists for more than a century.

The #1 Cashless Society Play is Gold

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted December 23, 2016

In a cashless society gold will be a supremely premium product, and its value will be substantially higher because gold is freedom.