Why I Do This Job

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

Being a financial newsletter writer comes with some unique occupational hazards. 

One of the biggest hazards, in my experience, is having to answer the question that most intelligent people naturally arrive at once they come to understand what the job entails…

“If you’re such a good investor, why bother writing about it?”

The popular answer to this question is: Why not do both? 

But that’s not the answer I give because, frankly, there is a better one. 

Being a newsletter editor doesn’t just earn me a paycheck. It does something even more important for my bottom line: It turns me into a sort of nexus for some of the newest, most disruptive investment ideas emerging today — ideas I would have likely never heard of had I just been your typical risk-seeking speculator doing research online.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get approached by companies seeking an audience for their newest and greatest ideas. 

They send me elevator pitches for new technologies, new processes, and new innovations, all of which promise to redefine their respective industries from the ground up. 

Want to Be on the Cutting Edge? Get Ready to Hear Some Good Lies

These sales pitches are, of course, delivered by some of the best salesmen walking the Earth today — known in the corporate world as chief executive officers. 

But occasionally, an idea comes around that needs little in the way of pitches. 

Instead, just a basic presentation of the facts is enough to make the argument.

Objective things like growing demand, problems with supply, solutions to those problems, all juxtaposed with the proper numbers.

You don't need superlatives with arguments like that, just a clear picture. Logic does the rest.

When something like this comes around — and it happens fairly infrequently my first thought isn’t contemplating how to write about it, but how to allocate my own personal funds to invest in it.

Perhaps the best example of such an idea to come around in the last few years is a lithium technology company I discovered just a couple months ago. 

Lithium needs no introduction. 

Lithium: Gas 2.0

You can’t spend more than a few seconds online without coming across articles about lithium batteries, the lithium market in general, the Chinese weaponization of lithium production, etc.

Lithium is, without exaggerating, the oil and gas of the 21st century… And just as fossil fuels phased out animal power in running our world two centuries ago, so too will lithium supplant fossil fuels this century. 

That much is already written in stone and in the lawbooks, as bans on gas-driven vehicles are already in place across most of the developed world. 

If that doesn’t complete the lithium argument, then this should — the chart of lithium pricing over the course of the last couple years:

MI Black Lithium Image 14

But lithium alone isn’t a complete idea. For it to make it past my filters, an idea needs to come around that changes the nature of lithium as we know it. 

Right now, the biggest problem with lithium is the supply deficit. We are literally not keeping up with demand, and with new lithium mining operations taking up to 10 years from discovery to production, that problem is far more complex than most people realize. 

So what does a lithium company need to do to change everything and make itself a worthy investment for people seeking the bleeding edge of innovation and upside potential?

Well, the company that I recently discovered figured out a way to produce lithium from oil field brine pools. 

Yes, you read that right… It pulls the greenest of the green energy metals out of the very stuff that drives the modern fossil fuel industry.

Almost poetic, wouldn't you say?

But it's also a radical departure from everything we've come to know about the lithium production process.

Instead of exploring, drilling, mining, and refining, this company simply pumps lithium-rich brine through its proprietary filtration facility and out comes some of the purest, most efficiently produced lithium known to man. 

The McDermitt Caldera Isn't Going to Save Us

Forget 10 years of lag time between discovery and production. This approach will put salable lithium on a truck, for shipment to end users, inside of two months.

MI Black Lithium Image 18

Sounds simple, but this company is among the first to ever do this, and now it's got an agreement with a Canadian oil company to process up to 99 billion barrels of lithium-rich brine on a 671-square-mile property up in northwestern Alberta. 

Those 99 billion barrels of solution contain 4.3 million tons of lithium bicarbonate — enough to satisfy global demand, all by itself, for three years. 

Again, there’s no exploration or drill testing to be done. The lithium has been slowly accumulating in these brine ponds for decades and just sitting there, waiting to be harvested. All it took was the right method and a resource worth $322 billion is suddenly unlocked. 

Now, here’s the part that really makes my job worthwhile to me as an investor… This company, as of this morning, is worth barely $30 million. 

It’s public. It’s trading on two North American exchanges. Almost nobody knows a damned thing about it, yet it’s sitting on riches that could propel it into a multi-billion-dollar valuation inside of 24 months. 

Its tech is proven. It’s about to be scaled out. Commercial production will be underway by next summer. 

The Best Ground-Floor Lithium Pure Play Trading Today

Not only that, but major corporate relationships that will carry this firm to the next level are being established as you read this.

Management is already getting approached by major electric vehicle producers desperate for a stable, North American source of lithium for their own battery production lines. 

Starting to see things from my perspective yet? Had I just been another investor with a taste for risk, I may have only heard about this company after it hit its next milestone, turned the next corner, or multiplied its value by a factor of 10.

But because I’ve made it my business to write about it, this company came to me

That’s why I do this job.

And if I’m able to share this information and help some people out in the process, well, that’s just frosting on the cake. 

Want to learn more about this company and how it will transform the lithium industry in the next few years?

Enter here to view my video presentation. 

Fortune favors the bold,

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