This "Heart Tattoo" Could Save Your Life

Alex Koyfman

Updated June 15, 2023

Last week, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin revealed a revolutionary new “tattoo-style” implant designed to be attached directly to the cardiac muscle and perform all the functions of a standard pacemaker. 

The "tattoo" is actually a 100 micron-thick film, about two square inches in area, composed of graphene.

Barely thicker than a human hair, this patch can monitor and regulate electrical activity within the heart to treat arrhythmia disorders while maintaining uninterrupted contact with the heart muscle itself — allowing for unprecedented flexibility in the application of charge and collection of measurements. 

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It is already being heralded as the first of a new generation of bionic devices made possible by unprecedented advancements in materials technology.

In the future, similar devices will be designed for a multitude of organs, including the brain itself.

The true breakthrough behind all this, however, is the graphene. 

Invented less than 20 years ago and still considered a largely experimental material, graphene — a single molecule-thick nanostructure — had a cost of production roughly twice that of gold just a few years ago. 

Today, all of that is changing, and one of the reasons behind it is a revolutionary new production process that drops the overhead to pennies on the dollar. 

The "Wonder Material" of the 21st Century

Combining nothing more than natural gas and electricity, some of the world’s best and cheapest graphene is currently being manufactured by a high-tech materials company based in Brisbane, Australia. 

White it doesn't produce cardiac tattoo implants, this company does operate in a space that’s no less exciting — and potentially far more impactful on a societal level.

Graphene rechargeable batteries today stand as one of the potential successors to the distributed energy storage throne currently occupied by lithium-ion batteries. 

Literally every issue that plagues the benchmark Li-ion version fades into obsolescence with graphene taking its place in the next generation of cathodes…

Fires: Graphene batteries have remained stable after absorbing rifle bullets.

Charge Delay: Graphene batteries charge up to 70 times as fast.

Limited Capacity: Graphene batteries have up to 3 times the capacity.

Performance Decay: Graphene batteries last 3–5 times longer, with no capacity decay.

Environmental Impact: Refining 1 ton of lithium requires 2,200 tons of water.

Supply Chain: China produces more than three-fourths of the world’s Li-ion batteries. 

At the moment, the tech industry is projecting that the Li-ion market will be raking in upward of $200 billion annually by the end of this decade. 

That’s about four times where we are today and is in line with projected growth in the electric vehicle and wireless device markets. 

Right now, however, with the first graphene batteries rolling off the Queensland assembly lines, headed to potential client firms for testing and evaluation, there is very real doubt that this $200 billion-per-year market will ever materialize. 

The Energy Storage Benchmark for the Next 50 Years?

Graphene could well do to lithium what gasoline and diesel did to coal… because the advantages are that big. 

Just imagine… With a graphene battery pack in your EV, you could charge your car from empty to 100% in less time than it would take you to fuel your ICE car, and then drive all month long without doing it again. 

You could do this year in and year out, racking up 1.5–2 million miles on your car, and still not see any noticeable decline in battery performance. 

Make no mistake: This technology will change the face of the automotive market literally overnight, and it’s on its way. 

There’s a lot about this company to know, and right now might be the best time to act on it, as recent vacillations in the market have opened up excellent entry points. 

To get all the info on the graphene and the batteries this company is producing, you can view my presentation right here.

It’s free to watch and no registration required. Just follow this link and sit back. What you learn might shock you both as an investor and as a consumer.

Fortune favors the bold,

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