The Truth About Washington and Wall Street

Brian Hicks

Updated September 4, 2009

If your virgin ears simply can’t handle profanity, this is one clip you need to avoid.

However, if you can handle the truth laced with an F-bomb every ten seconds, this clip by George Carlin may give you something to ponder this weekend.

You see, while politicians work to keep us all divided along stupid ideological labels, the white collar mafia is looting the store.

In fact, Carlin nails it when he implies the real battle is between the powerful and the powerless—-not the daily pony show put on by the Republicans and the Democrats.

That’s a sideshow to distract you from the truth.

Meanwhile, the fat cats have walked away with trillion dollar bailouts, turning the free market on its head.  And now the powerful have the audacity to pat themselves on the back for “saving” us from the crisis they earned a fortune on when they created it.  The best part of the scam is they did it all with taxpayer money.  Go figure.

But it is like Carlin says, it’s a big club and you’re not in it.

Have a great weekend and Happy Labor Day.

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