Wealth Daily's Top 3 AI Dividend Stocks

Written By Jason Williams

Posted March 15, 2024

When it comes to the stock markets, there’s not much you can do to avoid excitement about artificial intelligence. And when it comes to investing, there’s not a much better bet you can make than buying AI dividend stocks.

AI Dividend Stocks - returns

You see, in countless studies, companies that pay dividends and grow those payments over time outperform all other investments. That’s going to be the same story when it comes to artificial intelligence investments. AI dividend stocks are likely to be the outperformers, too.

So today I want to give you a list of my top three AI dividend stocks poised for major profits and long-term dividend growth. That way you can ride the wave of artificial intelligence to profits while building a steady income stream you can reinvest until you need it.

Top AI Dividend Stocks #3: Broadcom Inc. (AVGO)

Coming in at No. 3 on my list of top AI dividend stocks is a longtime winner from the early days of the internet, Broadcom. Broadcom has its roots based in the technical heritage of AT&T/Bell Labs, Lucent, and Hewlett-Packard/Agilent and has been around since the 1960s.

And all that time, Broadcom has been a leader in the technology industry. It introduced the first LED displays and then introduced the first fiber-optic transmitters and receivers for data communications. And that was before the 1970s were over.

Now it’s set its focus on being a leader in the world of artificial intelligence, and as a longtime dividend payer, it’s going to be one of the AI dividend stocks everyone should own. The company has increased its payout to shareholders every year for the past 14 years. And its coming AI profits should ensure that tradition continues, perhaps at an even faster rate.

AI Dividend Stocks Broadcom

That’s why Broadcom is No. 3 on my AI dividend stocks list and why I think investors should have a stake in this long-term winner. Now, let’s get to the second company on my AI dividend stocks list…

Top AI Dividend Stocks #2: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Coming in at No. 2 on my AI dividend stocks list is another one you’ve probably heard of before, since it’s also been around for a long time like Broadcom. But where Broadcom provides the backbone for artificial intelligence through its products, Microsoft provides the brainpower behind the AI software itself.

And as a company that’s been not only paying, but growing its payments for nearly a quarter of a century, it should be on every investor’s short list when it comes to AI dividend stocks. That’s not just because of its multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT and Dall-E. It’s also because Microsoft has become an innovator again where the best and brightest minds of tomorrow are flocking.

AI Dividend Stocks Microsoft

It’s a great company with a long track record of rewarding shareholders. And I’m convinced it’s going to be one of the top AI dividend stocks every investor should consider.

Top AI Dividend Stocks #1: International Business Machines (IBM)

Now, it might shock some of you to learn that Nvidia is not my top pick when it comes to AI dividend stocks. Nvidia is certainly an AI stock. And it pays a small dividend. But when it comes to income and growing that income over time, IBM is the best of the best in the tech industry. It’s been growing its payout for almost 30 years and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

AI Dividend Stocks IBM

And on top of that, while the market’s paying attention to the new entrants to the field, IBM has been a leader in artificial intelligence pretty much as long as the field has existed. Its AI program, Watson, has been beating human chess champions for decades. And that’s in its spare time, when it’s not helping the world’s top surgeons and medical clinics treat and diagnose patients.

So when it comes to AI dividend stocks every investor needs to be paying attention to, IBM should be up at the top of the list. But it shouldn’t be at the very top. Because that’s an honor held by a special bonus AI dividend stock I want to share with you.

Top AI Dividend Stocks Bonus: “The AI Tollbooth”

You see, late last year, I was digging into ways to play the growing boom in artificial intelligence stocks with AI dividend stocks (because I love dividends). And I came across a company that practically has a monopoly on one thing every company profiting from AI needs.

Whether it’s the chipmakers like Broadcom and Nvidia or the software companies like Microsoft and IBM… Whether they’re AI dividend stocks or just AI stocks… No matter what, they all need what this one company has to offer. And they need it more than just about anything else.

That’s because this company holds the key to the access points all those companies use to interact with their customers. So if Microsoft wants people to be able to access ChatGPT, it needs to work with this firm. And if IBM wants to license its Watson to more hospitals, it must work with this firm.

And nobody is immune. Literally every big-name artificial intelligence company and every one of these top AI dividend stocks is forced to work with this company whether they want to or not.

AI Dividend Stocks Tollbooth

And each and every one of those multibillion-dollar and even multitrillion-dollar companies is paying out happily because they’re making far more than they’re paying. But their payments sure are adding up for this AI dividend stock. In 2023 alone, those payments totaled almost $5.5 BILLION!

But what’s best about the whole arrangement is that this AI dividend stock I uncovered doesn’t pay taxes on that money! You see, it’s got a special deal with the government where, as long as it shares the lion’s share of those profits with investors, it can avoid income taxes itself.

So, after covering the cost of maintaining the infrastructure all those companies are so desperate to get their hands on, this company had over $1.5 BILLION to share with investors last year. And that’s with AI in its infancy. As this market heats up, so will the profits this company is going to make.

Start Collecting “AI Tolls” Today

That’s why I made a special presentation for the investors in my flagship investment community, The Wealth Advisory. I just had to share the research I’d been doing on AI dividend stocks with them. And now that they’ve gotten their stake in this incredible AI income stream, I want you to get invested too.

So I’m sharing that special presentation about all the research I’ve done on AI dividend stocks and the very best income-generating investment I uncovered. And I want you to take a few minutes out of your day today to give it your attention.

Because the AI dividend stocks I listed today are incredible and will add some profit to your portfolio. But the one I’ll share through this special research blows them all away.

So do yourself a favor and learn all about the very best of the best of the AI dividend stocks.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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