The President Wants Your Profits

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

President Biden just released his latest budget proposal…

And in it, he’s coming after “the wealthy.”

That’s what he says, at least. But by “wealthy,” he just means anyone who owns any investments whatsoever.

If you own stocks, he’s coming for you.

If you own bonds, you’re in his sights.

If you own any real estate, he’s especially gunning for that.

Why does he want to punish people for making wise decisions with their money?

Well, to make childcare more affordable and offer universal preschool to toddlers, of course.

And as noble as that cause sounds, let’s be honest with ourselves…

When, in the entire history of government, has anything gotten better or cheaper after the government stepped in and took control?


The answer is never! Never has the government’s involvement made anything better or cheaper.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking: What about health care? Surely the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) made things more affordable.

But if you’re thinking that, you’ve been misinformed by the government’s communications department (aka the mainstream media) and you’re sadly mistaken.

Not only has health care gotten more expensive since the first participants were allowed to enroll in 2014, but the quality of care you’re receiving has gone downhill as well.

You’ll notice the rather noticeable jump in expenses the instant the marketplace opened in 2014:

healthcare costs

You’ll also notice the rather noticeable decline in perceived quality of care from patient surveys:

healthcare quality

But what about education, Jason? Didn’t the government make that better and more affordable by creating the Department of Education back in the late 1970s?

Pardon me while I get this out… Ha! Haha! Hahaha! Hahahaha!

Education costs have only risen since the government stepped in back then.

And there have been absolutely no measurable improvements in the quality of education in this country in my entire lifetime:

education cost vs quality

Things don’t always get worse when the government steps in. But they do ALWAYS get more expensive.

And they almost NEVER get better.

But that’s not the point. It’s a point.

And it’s an important point, especially considering you’re going to be hearing a whole lot about how the president is trying to make your life better and more affordable (and how the evil, likely fascist Republicans are trying to block him from doing so).

But the real point is that he’s coming after your investments to do it. And here’s how…

When the Capitol Comes for Your Capital

The first thing he’ll do is impose a much higher tax rate on any capital gains you make as an investor.

Currently it’s set at 20% flat. But Biden wants to raise it to be equal to the highest income tax bracket at about 40%.

That means every single penny you’ve made in your retirement account will be subject to a 40% tax when you go to withdraw it.

All the profits you worked your entire life to scrape together will get taxed at double the rate you’d planned for.

Think that’s going to make retirement any easier or cheaper for anyone?

If so, I’ve got a beautiful bridge over the Hudson I’m looking to sell. Call me. I'll give you a GREAT deal.

Because it’s not going to make retirement easier.

In fact, it’s going to make retirement that much more elusive for tens of millions of Americans.

And Biden's not just talking about your stock market gains. He’s talking about any capital gains you make.

So when you sell that house of yours to downsize to a condo (or a smaller place down in sunny tax-free Florida), you’re going to get hit with a 40% tax on that gain too.

And if you’ve been in that house for a long time… Wow!

Get ready for a huge tax bill when that house you paid $30,000 for sells for a million bucks.

You see, there’s always been a “loophole” in the tax code for real estate sales…

As long as you put the proceeds of the sale into a new property, you can avoid paying capital gains on them.

But the president wants that money too. So he’s proposing to eliminate that benefit altogether.

Then, when you sell your home, 40% of the proceeds will go to whatever boondoggle the feds are pushing for that year, be it taxpayer-funded safe spaces or taxpayer-funded censorship.

You Can’t Take It If I Don’t Sell It

I bet a lot of you are thinking some pretty dire things right now.

But I bet there are also a handful of you thinking that you can be sneaky and avoid those increased capital gains taxes by just never selling anything ever again.

And you’d be right… if you weren’t so wrong.

The president’s plan already has that covered too.

If you decide to avoid those ludicrous capital gains taxes he's suggesting and just keep building up your assets, he’ll just tax those “unrealized” gains instead.

And he’ll tax them every year at 25% of their market value per year!

That’s what’s known as a “wealth tax,” my friend.

It’s been a rallying cry of the super-progressive wing of the party that isn't really looking for any progress, but instead wants to take us back to the good old days of the Soviet Union.

And the president knows where his bread is buttered. He knows the party is now controlled by the fanatical fringes. So that’s his demand…

If you worked hard, made good decisions, paid your debts, and invested your money instead of blowing it on frivolities…

Well, Joe Biden says, “Shame on you.”

Not Today, Joey

Now, I know I probably just got you pretty riled up.

Either you agree with me and are enraged that Big Government is coming after your stuff…

Or you think I’m a fascist.

That seems to be how things go these days when people disagree with me.

But for those of you who agree with me, I’ve got some good news…

This package of horrible ideas is 100% guaranteed to be dead on arrival in Congress.

Biden tried to get similar plans passed back when both the House and the Senate were controlled by his own party.

And he failed miserably.

Now that the Republicans control the House, even by that slim majority they hold, there’s no way it’s getting through.

The funny part is that they’ll blame the GOP for hating poor people and stopping its passage (despite the fact that the "they" in question had a chance to pass it last session and voted it down themselves).

But one day, they’ll probably get something like this passed.

Once more than half of the country realizes that they can vote themselves a share of the other half’s money, it's bound to happen.

And by that time, it’ll be even easier to take what you’ve earned and much, much harder for you to avoid getting fleeced by the “progressive” new taxes.

Because they’re already implementing a new form of control… a new way for them to track every purchase, every investment, everything you do…

And penalize you for not toeing the establishment line.

CBDC — Controlling Banking With Digital Currencies

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have already heard of central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs.

But I’m not sure how many of you realize the imminent danger they pose to your freedoms and even your lives.

You see, there’s a concerted push among the global elite to establish these digital currencies and the ecosystems that they require.

Cash is too hard to control. There’s no chip in it that allows governments to track its progress through the economy.

That’s why, despite what you’ll hear about Bitcoin only being used by criminals, the U.S. dollar is the No. 1 currency for illegal activity worldwide.

But governments want to end that. They want to be able to track your spending. But even more so, they want to be able to control it.

And they want to be able to punish you for not spending the way they want you to spend.

Investing your money in coal or oil stocks? Expect to have your driving privileges revoked or limited to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Donating money to a conservative cause, maybe even your church? Get ready for penalties for not donating that money to the Church of Davos, the World Economic Forum.

Filling up your car at a gas station too often? Get ready to have your fuel rations cut and the top speed on your car limited.

Sending your kid to a private school because you don’t trust the teachers at a public one? Boy, are you going to be in for it when the government finds out about that.

Saving too much of your own money for a rainy day? Get ready to have expiration dates slapped on it so that if you don't use it, you lose it.

Now, I know that this stuff sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory and I sound like a nutjob wearing a tinfoil hat…

But just take a minute and think about all the "conspiracy theories" of the past few years that have been shown to be more factual than fictional…

The COVID lab-leak theory that the FBI now says is the most likely true…

The “horse de-wormer” ivermectin that the CDC now admits helps COVID patients recover faster…

The vaccines that are now admittedly less effective than the natural immunity achieved from a COVID infection…

And that’s just a handful of the “conspiracies” from the pandemic that turned out to be pretty darned true.

You’re Not Alone

I’m not alone in my concern, either. A lot of the folks here at Angel Publishing, Wealth Daily’s parent company, are concerned as well.

Even our president and founder, the illustrious Brian Hicks. And our most tenured macro analyst and my good friend, the esteemed Christian DeHaemer.

They’ve both been watching this situation develop right alongside me. And they’re both more than just a little concerned.

We all saw the inhabitants of India suffer when their digital ecosystem for government benefits, the Aadhaar system, failed and many people weren’t able to even buy enough food to survive.

We watched together as Nigerians suffered the same fate when their government tried to outlaw cash just a few weeks back.

People were literally starving in both countries…

Just so that the government could better track and control how they spent the money they’d earned through their hard work.

The writing is, unfortunately, on the wall. These centralized digital currencies are coming. And they’re coming to the U.S., too.

The only thing we can do is profit as much as possible now, before they come after our far more easily tracked and confiscated digital cash.

Then we can sock that away in digital currencies they can’t touch like Bitcoin and Ethereum and in physical currencies that will always have value like gold, silver, and diamonds.

And we can use that if we ever have to execute on our exit plans.

But the first step in that equation is building up a profitable portfolio to lean on when those times do come.

And we’re here to help with that.

In fact, come March 16 (that’s next Thursday), we expect a catalyst to hit that will drive massive profits into a particular segment of the market.

The companies in this segment perform functions critical to the government’s plans to implement their centralized digital currencies.

And whether we like it or not (heck, whether they like it or not), those companies are going to be forced to play a crucial role.

But they’ll do it with a smile because they’ll be enticed with massive payouts direct from the government's coffers.

And that’s where, as investors, we can look to take advantage of this process before we hightail it out of here to our own safe space outside of the government’s ever-expanding reach.

I hope you’ll heed my warning and get the information so that you can make as much real money as possible before the inevitable comes.

But the final decision rests in your hands.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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