Strings Attached

Nick Hodge

Updated March 1, 2011

Ever wonder what’s really going on?

The more I see and read, the more I think the world’s gone crazy.

Browsing the news yesterday, my jaw dropped more than one time…

When news isn’t news at all

Yesterday, Gaddafi openly turned to genocide as he unleashed military force to squash rebellion at the same time he was telling world news outlets his people love him.

You’d have hardly known that here in the States, as Charlie Sheen’s raucous rants took the Internet by storm. He and his entertaining devolution occupied several of the top Google search trends.

Libya or anything related didn’t make the cut.

The unveiling of this season’s Dancing with the Stars lineup (can you believe Kirstie Alley’s gonna do it?) and Justin Bieber’s birthday didn’t help the cause…

And this, really, is the problem.

Everyone’s quick to quetch about gas prices, the economy, housing prices, inflation… but they have no idea why it’s happening.

And I submit they don’t want to.

They’d rather take solace in teen idols or the lives of overweight stars; they’d rather have their puppet strings pulled.

Jon Stewart nailed it last night when he called CNN “The Biggest Newser”, condemning the news network’s new format, which includes these segments:

  • Trending (where they just tell you what’s popular on Twitter)

  • Random Moment of the Day (where they show YouTube clips)

  • Choose the News (where you vote through text for the story you want to see aired)

With those first two, you get “news” about Bieber’s new haircut and video of a cat putting on a rabbit mask.

With the third, CNN will air one of three actual news items. (A recent example forced viewers to choose between a Middle East arms story, an Afghani women’s shelter story, and a story about homeless female veterans.)

Stewart took the station to task saying, “Here’s an idea: Maybe to find the time to run all three stories, why don’t you lose Random Moment of the Day about the cat with a rabbit mask?”

But you can’t blame CNN. They’re only giving the people what they want…

Which is why the people have no idea what’s going on with the economy, the Middle East, or with gas prices.

Opening the blind eye

If you’re worried about your wallet or your future (you should be), you should take the Twitterverse and Internet memes with a grain of salt.

The fact that you’ve found Wealth Daily is a step in the right direction.Google Trends

We like to think we give you the news that matters, not the news that distracts.

Just take a look at today’s hot Google searches, right.

What should be in there isn’t.

Madoff saying the big banks were complicit as he swindled investors out of billions, for example. Or his interview with New York Magazine in which he accused the Securities and Exchange Commission of knowing what he was up to.

Not only is that real news, but it has a profound effect on your finances and way of life.

Are we really living in a world where elite investors (Goldman, Madoff) dream up crazy schemes (derivatives, sub-prime, Ponzi, metals manipulation) and actuate them, while other large banks and regulators turn a blind eye?


Maybe the pencil pushers at the SEC — like the rest of America — were too busy Googling for free pancakes.

Of course, that’s not the case…

It’s what you’ve always suspected

Those guys know what they’re doing. Just as CNN is catering to the masses, so is the government.

That’s why you get rosy presidential speeches about winning the future while most Americans can’t find work today.

That’s why Bernanke is constantly saying everything’s OK as he runs the dollar into the ground.

That’s why you get harsh political rhetoric aimed at Wall Street while they continue to exploit the middle class and reap billions in bonuses.

There’s a clear dividing line, and the sides are separated by wealth: one puppets, the other puppet masters.

And if you’re tired of feeling like the former, there are some easy things you can do to become the latter.

Reading Wealth Daily is one of them.

Signing up for Wealth Wire is another. It’s a daily recap of the real news and insights you need to grow your wealth and protect it…

Not some obscure Internet clip or a recap of last night’s reality TV.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Editor, Wealth Daily

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