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Jason Williams

Posted February 25, 2022

What a crazy world we’re living in these days, huh?

We’ve got billionaires around the globe calling themselves “socialists.” The working class is fighting for capitalism.

The U.S. is awash with oil, but our politicians would rather implore OPEC and Russia to increase production.

Canada is sliding toward dictatorship. Australia is pretty much already there.

Russia is invading Ukraine as it tries to regain control of the Soviet satellite states.

And you can be sure that China is watching this all unfold with bated breath.

Because what’s evolving in Ukraine is just a dress rehearsal for what’s going to happen in Taiwan.

It’s a scary situation, for sure. And I’m honestly not sure what’s the most concerning…

War’s Not Bullish

If you needed any confirmation of what I’ve said in the past, just take a look at the ruble, the Russian stock exchange, or the global indexes.

They’re all down — and down a lot — because war is not bullish for anyone. Sure, you’re seeing commodities prices spike.

That makes sense. War requires fuel and metal and food.

But what might seem bullish in the short term is very bearish in the long term…

Fuel and metal and food all require labor to produce. Labor is supplied by humans. Humans die in wars.

War leads to wasted capital, wasted time, and wasted life.

That’s not bullish. But this is a financial publication and there’s always a way to make money.

You know… the whole “blood in the streets” routine.

I’m not a fan of the leadership in the country, but I’m a big fan of the commodities Russia produces.

Natural gas to power pretty much all of Europe is a big part of that. The oil is too.

And Russian gas producer Gazprom’s stock erased two years’ worth of gains yesterday.

It already paid investors a 10% yield on their investment dollars. As of this writing, it’s paying about 15%.

By the time you read this, shares may have fallen even lower and the company might be paying investors 20% or even 30% a share.

That’s some serious income from a company that still produces most of what the rest of the continent needs to survive.

Granted, you might get locked into the investment for a decade while this all gets sorted out, but you could be collecting a 30% yield that whole decade.

And if you’re adamant about avoiding Russian stocks, there are U.S. producers that are likely to see some short-term profitability.

Despite oil prices popping above $100 a barrel on the news of invasion, Exxon Mobil’s stock fell slightly yesterday.

As I write, it’s yielding about 5% in dividend payments. And I don’t know about you, but extra cash in times of turmoil sounds pretty good to me.

If war is going to happen, then we’re going to need a lot of fuel to fire up the machines. Russia is going to supply its allies and the U.S. has the potential to supply ours.

And if you check back in with me in a week or two, I’ll have a bunch more traditional energy stocks poised for big gains to share.

But war isn’t the only thing that’s got me a little nervous. There’s been some lunacy to the north of my country and I’m worried it could migrate south…

Marshal Law and Seizure of Private Assets

I wouldn’t blame you for missing it if you did. There’s been a lot of news and our media have really been trying to bury this story…

Canada’s most important person of color, Justin Trudeau, declared marshal law about a week ago.

trudeau blackface

And the government got right to work seizing the private assets of its citizens.

The narrative was that there were a bunch of white supremacist neo-Nazis blocking traffic in Ottawa and on some bridges into the U.S.

The truth of the matter seems a bit more convoluted. Reports from non-mainstream media outlets painted an entirely different picture of middle-class families setting up picnics in the streets.

There were reports of these “domestic terrorists” allowing their kids to jump in bounce houses. They even had the audacity to dance the “Macarena.”

The videos coming out of the protests show a peaceful group of people who just wanted to get back to work.

Like I said, the workers are fighting for capitalism while the elite call themselves socialists.

So Trudeau took a page out of his daddy’s handbook and declared martial law. He also got the government to go along with a plan to freeze the assets of anyone involved with the protests.

He labeled them terrorists and sent in the military.

When Does It End?

And that’s how it all starts. They single out a group and go after them. And nobody minds because they’re not part of that group.

But then the definitions of insurrectionist and revolutionary start expanding.

And eventually you find yourself lumped in with all those miscreants you were happy to see sent to jail.

Eventually they’ll label you a terrorist and come after your assets.

And I’m terrified the insanity that’s unfolding in Canada might make its way south.

I’ve got a very diverse group of friends. Lots of them immigrated here after someone came into their former home and told them their things didn’t belong to them anymore.

They know what it’s like to go from being a law-abiding citizen one day to being on the government’s list of dissidents to target the next.

They’ve seen masked men with guns loot their home in the middle of the night. They’ve woken up to the screams of their neighbors as government hit squads raided their homes.

And they came here because they thought that could never happen in America.

But just a few miles to our north, that’s exactly what’s happening. People went to bed as citizens and woke up as terrorists.

And if it can happen there, well, my friends, it can happen here too.

They Can’t Steal What They Can’t Find

Back when my friends and their families were preparing for what they hoped would never come, gold and U.S. dollars were the investments of choice.

They knew the gold would protect them against the skyrocketing inflation in their domestic currency.

And they knew that the U.S. dollars would be accepted wherever they had to flee when the time came.

But gold is heavy and tough to travel with, especially in secret. And if the U.S. government goes the way of our Canadian brethren, our currency will be destroyed this time.

So what’s the game plan now? How do you get yourself ready to leave? And more importantly, how can you get your money ready to come with you?

Well, technology has made leaps and bounds since my friends were stockpiling gold and USD. And now there are digital currencies that don’t live in any one country.

Now, you can convert your USD or CAD or whatever fiat currency you prefer into digital cash that can travel with you anywhere in the world…

And that doesn’t need to live in a bank account in a country controlled by a dictator.

Obviously, I’m talking about cryptocurrencies.

They’re digital. They’re decentralized. They’re easy to get into and out of any country.

They’re like the postage stamps of the 21st century.

And if you’re even a little worried about what’s going down up north, you need to hear what my colleague Christian has to say.

He’s been bullish on crypto longer than anyone I know. And he’s adamant people need to get into the market.

Now that Canada’s started seizing private assets, I’d imagine he’s even more resolute.

And he’s got several great options for investors looking to sock away some safety where the government can’t get it.

The first is for the less experienced investor who’s just getting involved in cryptocurrencies and doesn’t have much of a background even trading stocks in the market.

But it’s still poised to deliver bigger gains than tokens like Ethereum AND, more importantly, it’s easy to move across borders.

The second is a little more complicated of an investment. And it’s definitely for people with more experience trading. You don’t have to have a history in the crypto markets, but you’re going to need to work a little harder on these.

It’s a portfolio of alternative crypto assets that could deliver massive gains as more and more people look for a safe place to keep their money.

And just like the first option, it’s on a decentralized platform that allows you to move it across borders with ease.

I’m adamant you need to get at least some of your money into one of these options.

If you don’t, it may cease to be your money when the government decides to come and take it away.

I’m Sorry

I know I’m usually a pretty optimistic person and this article has just been one big downer. But we’ve got to look at the world as realists.

We can’t wear rose-tinted lenses forever. And there’s some insanity going on in the world that only seems to be accelerating as the days turn into weeks.

So I’m sorry if this wasn’t the way you wanted to end your week. But it’s something we all need to be paying attention to as it develops.

War is bad for everyone. Socialism doesn’t seem to end well either.

We’re steering a course for both, and you need to make sure you and your family are protected against whatever might come.

Get yourself exposed to commodities like gold, silver, oil, natural gas, and agricultural goods.

Tuck some cash away in a crypto account that the government can’t get its hands on.

Get yourself ready for the worst but hope for the best.

However things work out, at least you’ll know you’ve got a plan.

And keep an eye out for my emails.

I’ll be back next week and hopefully I’ll have a brighter tone and some better news.

But no matter what, I’ll have at least one more way for you to make sure you and yours are well looked after come whatever may.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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