NatGold: Unlocking Perpetual Profits

Jason Williams

Posted May 17, 2024

Over the past few months, the founder of our company, Brian Hicks and I have been introducing you to a new digital asset class and a new way of thinking about and investing in the oldest store of value on the planet: gold. We’ve explained the problems with the gold industry as it stands today. And we’ve even delved into the problems with the digital asset economy and how this disruptive change will be beneficial.

But up until now, this was all theory and potential. It wasn’t until this week that everything became reality and NatGold became possible…


And it’s all thanks to an obscure 19th century law created to lure young men to “go West” and settle America’s new and still seemingly boundless frontier. You probably remember that the one thing I’d mentioned that could stand in the way of this innovative new investment vehicle were laws that only granted mining rights for a finite amount of time. Well, that was before I learned about patented land claims and their storied history right here in the U.S. of A.

Perpetual Rights = Perpetual Profits

You see, back in the 1800s, right after the Civil War had come to a close, the U.S. had a vast amount of territory that remained largely unexplored, let alone settled. So it created lots of what you might call gimmicks today to attract folks to the new western lands.

Land rushes are probably the most famous, made even more famous by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Far and Away. But there were other programs besides free land. And one of those programs that were created was known as patented land claims…

NatGold Land Patent

Someone could purchase land from the government and apply for one of these patented claims. The claim, if granted, transferred ownership of the land from the government to the applicant. So, that person owned it and there were no fees or leases involved.

Now, if the person explored that property and found valuable minerals (like gold), that patented claim would extend to the mineral rights on the land as well. And that set the stage for NatGold. Because those patented claims still exist. And while they’re not giving out any new ones, the existing ones grant perpetual mining rights to the owners.

Perpetual rights… That’s the ONLY thing that could potentially have kept NatGold from being possible. And I’m not the only one who figured out that those perpetual rights already exist. That’s why I say that all our dreams just became reality this week…

Go West, Young Man

You see, while Brian and I are the leading voices in the NatGold movement from an investment standpoint, we’re not the only ones who are extremely excited about the profit potential. We might not even be the most excited about it, to be perfectly honest. Because that honor likely goes to the mining companies who own those perpetual mining rights and are already sitting on deposits ripe for the digital picking through the NatGold tokenization process.

And let me tell you, before I realized that those perpetual rights already existed, I was betting they’d be excited to be able to monetize deposits they previously couldn’t. Now that the concept can become a reality and knowing there are some patented claims to the perfect assets for the NatGold tokenization model…

NatGold Tokenization

I can’t even imagine the celebrations going on in some boardrooms across the country right now. Especially since one company, that’s way ahead of the curve, just made a HUGE announcement about its first tokenizable resource.

This company’s been at the forefront of the NatGold phenomenon for at least as long as I’ve been studying the trend. I’ve even interviewed the CEO and met a few of the earliest investors to get their perspectives on what I’m convinced is going to be one of the most explosive investment opportunities since digital assets first appeared and Bitcoin became the world’s first cryptocurrency.

The World’s First NatGold “Miner”

You see, the founders of this company were actually decades ahead of this trend with their first extremely successful gold “mining” company. And I use quotation marks because that company, despite commanding a market cap of several billion dollars, never mined a single ounce of gold.

The founders realized that there was intrinsic value in owning land with gold in it. There was no need to actually extract it as long as they could prove it was there. And in the world of mining, there are established ways to show how much gold is in your property. It’s how traditional miners secure financing to construct their new mines.

So, if you can prove the gold is there and you have the right to get it whenever you want, you don’t even have to get it at all. It’s there, everyone knows it’s there, and it has intrinsic value.

NatGold Intrinsic Value

So, while NatGold just became a reality this week, the first NatGold miner came into existence decades ago and has already proven the concept of the intrinsic value of gold in the ground. And that means we’ve got proof of concept. We’ve got perpetual mining rights. And we’ve got a market that’s primed for a better way to “extract” the value of the world’s most popular store of value.

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Now, I’ve already got the investors in my premium community, Future Giants set up with a few companies I’m convinced are going to take full advantage of the excitement NatGold will drum up. And since they’ve paid for access, I can’t give those away for free.

But I’ve got my eyes on a few other potential ways everyone can take advantage of this explosive new asset class. And once I’m certain they’re the right ways to play this emerging trend, Brian and I will make sure you’ll be the very first to know in the pages of Wealth Daily and our sister publication, Energy and Capital.

NatGold WD EAC

But, if patience isn’t your strong suit and you want to get in RIGHT NOW, I completely understand and I’ve opened up a few spots in the Future Giants community for anyone bold enough to join us and become pioneers of NatGold, too. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to all of the NatGold investments, plus a multitude of other research and recommendations on explosive companies in growing markets.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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