A New Asset Class Is Born

Written By Jason Williams

Posted March 7, 2024

Dear Reader,

Today, we’re finally reaching the culmination of all our hard work and the last article (for now) in my series about the challenges facing both gold mining and the digital asset ecosystem as we know it.

We’ve spilled plenty of proverbial ink addressing the environmental, social, and economic failures of both the gold mining industry and the digital asset ecosystem…

But we’ve also talked about potential innovative solutions that would cure the ills of both markets.

And today, we’re going to tie it all together by introducing the world to an entirely new asset class, a new way of monetizing gold deposits, and a better type of digital asset ecosystem.

green gold solution

Plus, I’m going to give you the chance to become one of the earliest investors in the ecosystem, the assets, and the first company pioneering this innovative new solution…

The Genesis of Green Gold

As we’ve already discussed, gold mining is in a bind…

It’s built on a shaky-at-best economic model. It’s devastating for the environment. And it’s got pretty terrible societal consequences, too.

But what we haven’t mentioned is that for years, there’s been a group in the gold mining industry that’s been trying to change all that.

Nearly a quarter century ago, we saw the first iteration of this new way of monetizing gold in a company called Seabridge Gold.

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It’s still publicly traded to this day and maintains a market cap around a billion dollars. And at it’s peak, that was closer to $3 billion.

But the thing is that Seabridge, despite owning several promising gold deposits, never mined a single ounce of gold.

You see, the theory behind the company was that gold has an intrinsic value, even if it’s still in the ground. And you don’t have to mine it to extract that value.

You see, the price of an ounce of gold is updated daily and set by open international trading markets. And the industry average cost to extract an ounce of gold is reported quarterly.

So if you subtract the average cost to extract an ounce of gold from the market price of an ounce of gold, you’ve got the intrinsic value of that gold in the ground.

And I’d say a multi-billion-dollar valuation for a non-gold mining gold miner proved that theory right.

Now we’re seeing the final evolution of this concept in the formation of a new asset class called “green gold,” that could rival even Bitcoin when it comes to popularity and profitability…

green gold

You see, where Seabridge stopped is where this new innovation picks up. Instead of just letting the market value the shares of the company based on its holdings…

Thanks to the evolution of digital asset marketplaces and advances in technology such as blockchain, now that gold can be “extracted” in the form of digital tokens called “talons.”

And it can be monetized, securitized, regulated, and traded just like any digital asset or stock.

This is the next step. It’s what Seabridge would have done and what would have taken it’s valuation even higher had the technology existed then.

But it does now…

Combining the Old World and the New

Perhaps the best part of this disruptive new asset class is the fact that it’s built on the back of regulation and standardization that’s been universally accepted in the gold market for decades.

You see, typically, a gold miner gets investments together and goes out to explore a site. When the miner strikes gold, it then does an analysis of the site to determine how much gold might be there.

This is a standard process and a standardized determination. It’s the study the miner would take to more investors or to a bank to show that there’s value in the property.

And that’s exactly what a miner would do if it wanted to participate in this new ecosystem, too…

But instead of incentivizing the most destructive analysis of a gold-bearing property, this new advancement pays more if you don’t disrupt the landscape.

It takes the old standards and practices of the mining industry and combines them with the new possibilities presented by a more digitized future and a more environmentally conscious populace.

The standards of the old world lend credibility to this new asset class. And the technology of the new world allows it to be eco-friendly and easily transferable.

green gold old world and new

It also offers the potential to combine the trillion-dollar scale of those two markets into one massively profitable new economy.

And when there’s something both the mining industry and the environmental protesters can agree on, you can bet it’s got a future…

Bringing Miners and Protesters Together

You see, the mining companies love the idea because there’s a lot of what’s called “stranded gold” out in “them there hills”…

Some deposits are too close to watersheds or wildlife preserves. Some are too far above the tree line in the mountains. Some have endangered species living near them…

Even more are just not economical to extract because of how spread-out the gold is in the surrounding soil.

But there’s gold there. And mining companies put collective billions of dollars into showing it was there before finding out it couldn’t be extracted.

Those are now sunk costs. But green gold offers a way to monetize those previously written-off sites.

So, the mining companies from the smallest to the largest are on board with this new innovation…

And since green gold incentivizes the least destructive methods of ascertaining the amount of gold in the ground, it completely negates any environmental argument against gold.

The environmentalists love it, and even though it’s a very new concept, it’s already spreading through grassroots movements around the world.

In fact, here’s a protester in Panama holding up a sign:

green gold panama protest

It reads, “The gold of Panama is GREEN.”

So with the mining companies on board and the environmentalists also on board, this innovative new asset class has a lot of support pushing it forward.

And that support just got a whole lot bigger…

Global Governments Go Green

It’s no surprise to anyone to hear that global governments are in a rush to go green and save the planet.

Honestly, it’s an admirable goal to keep the planet clean and free of as much pollution and destruction as possible, climate change aside.

And green gold is something that will actually make a huge difference for ecosystems around the world.

So it came as no surprise to me when I got word that a government in South America is considering legislation this year that will set this whole thing in motion…

You see, the one thing still holding this green gold revolution in check is the fact that mining rights expire. And if you’re planning on leaving the gold in the ground forever, that’s not going to work.

Those mining rights, when used for green gold, have to be perpetual in order for this economy to really flourish. Otherwise, there would be ongoing costs just like the current economics of gold.

But with the mining companies and the environmentalists in agreement on how great green gold is, there wasn’t going to be much friction when it comes to getting the government’s blessing too.

And newly proposed legislation in one of my favorite South American locales is likely to flow right through to the president’s desk with little delay.

This legislation would amend current laws surrounding gold mining to allow for perpetual mining rights for companies working in the green gold ecosystem.

And from what I can tell, it’s all but guaranteed to pass. Once that happens, the floodgates are open and green gold is here.

Getting Positioned BEFORE the Crowd

That’s where the REALLY exciting part comes into play… because while the world is just starting to find out about this disruptive new force…

You’ve been reading about it for weeks, which puts you ahead of nearly every investor in the world.

Now, I say “nearly” every investor because the members of my premium microcap investment community, Future Giants, are one step ahead of you…

They’ve been getting themselves positioned to profit from this shift since late last year when I first introduced them to it.

You see, this new asset class will exist in a closed ecosystem that’s fully compliant with U.S. and international securities laws.

And the Future Giants members had the chance to help fund it while it was still private. It’ll be going public later this year and the rest of the world will be waiting to scoop up their shares.

Then there’s the very first mining company to pioneer this innovative new way to monetize gold…

It’s a tiny little $20 million company that I’d bet 99.99% of investors have never even heard of. But it’s right in the thick of the green gold movement and it’ll be the very first to tokenize a deposit.

Shares of that one are publicly traded as we speak and cost less than $0.50 apiece.

But if the legislation passes and the company can move forward, there’s a good chance they could be worth 10x that within a year.

Plus, the company’s already working out plans to share its profits with investors in the form of a digital dividend and will share about 10% of the talons it creates with shareholders.

Now, getting in on a disruptive shift like this before anyone else finds out is phenomenal. And getting in on something like this AND getting paid to do it is unheard of.

So now that I’ve made sure all of my Future Giants members have had the chance to get some skin in the game…

I want to share the opportunity with you!

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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