New Green Gold Digital Asset Class Poised to Explode

Written By Jason Williams

Posted March 14, 2024

Dear Reader,

Over the past few weeks, I’ve introduced you to a completely new asset class about to make a new generation of investors rich: digital green gold.

But what I’ve introduced you to isn’t necessarily new: linking a digital asset to a universally prized physical one.

Several times throughout the brief yet chaotic history of cryptocurrencies, developers have tried to tie the currencies to some other more universally accepted store of value.

Some coins were pegged or tethered to the U.S. dollar and were supposed to maintain a constant value of $1 at all times. Others were pegged to the price of gold and sought to maintain a balance with gold prices.

But the problem with those prior attempts is that, while the new cryptos were technically tied to those other stores of value, they weren’t actually backed by them. And by that, I mean there wasn’t one dollar in the bank for every dollar-based coin that was released.

There certainly wasn’t an ounce of gold in a vault for every one of those supposedly gold-backed cryptos in circulation the past few years. The coins died and investors lost millions of dollars.

dead cryptos digital green gold

But that’s where what I’ve been talking with you about over the past few weeks is so different. And that’s also why, in my opinion, it’s going to be so incredibly valuable in the long term.

Innovative Digital Green Gold

You see, the digital green gold I’ve been telling you about isn’t just some asset pretending to be gold. It is gold. It’s gold in its natural form: in the ground, safe and undisturbed.

digital green gold

So it’s not just tied to the price of gold. It represents real gold proven to be in the ground using time-tested and internationally accepted techniques.

That’s because the digital green gold ecosystem is a combination of old worlds and new. It’s built on blockchain but based on the oldest store of value in human history.

Globally Accepted Standards

And digital green gold is also certified using the exact same forms and techniques that the gold industry has relied on to get investors and banks to finance their exploration and development of mining properties. And it all starts with a form called the NI 43-101…

The National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43-101”) is a securities regulatory instrument that governs how companies can disclose mining-related information. Its rules aim to prevent companies from sharing inaccurate or misleading information about their mineral assets with prospective investors and the public.

And, simply put, NI 43-101stipulates and codifies the form and content of a compliant resource estimate report. It’s a universally accepted standard that’s already in use in the mining industry to make sure a company really has the gold it says it has.

It’s applicable to traditional gold mining operations but easily transferable to digital green gold operations as well, since the first level of resource estimates — the one most valued by the digital green gold market — is covered by this globally accepted standard.

It’s an official audit like none of the other asset-backed cryptos ever had. It’s a count of all the U.S. dollars allegedly in the bank and a double count of all the gold bars supposedly in the vault. It’s a way to be certain that the digital green gold market is an accurate reflection of the real world.

digital green gold tokenize

That’s a safeguard for investors, as it means they’ll never have to worry about their investments coming unpegged, untethered, or otherwise untied from the asset they represent. And that’s because digital green gold really represents actual gold in the ground.

Colombia’s Digital Green Gold Revolution

So now that you understand a little better how this new digital green gold is actually a real representation of gold in the ground. And now that you see that it can be “proven” through the use of globally accepted mining standards…

Let’s talk a little bit about why now is probably the most exciting time ever in the development of this innovative new asset class. Because a country at the center of traditional gold mining is about to make a huge shift that will turn it into a pioneer in digital green gold.

You see, Colombia is on the cusp of a transformative legislative leap forward, gearing up to introduce pioneering regulations in the realm of digital green gold. And as the frontrunner expected to enact such legislation, Colombia is not just making history, but also unlocking unprecedented opportunities for digital green gold investors.

This landmark legislative move allows for the registration of mining titles for green gold, facilitating their monetization in the new digital asset ecosystem. And the reasons Colombia, its population, and the people who represent them are itching to make a change is the illegal mining industry…

That opaque gold sector has enabled Colombian armed groups to launder money since the era of Pablo Escobar. And presently, an alarming 80% of Colombian gold is produced illegally and is often associated with labor exploitation and significant environmental damage, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles.

But despite these challenges, Colombia’s prominence as the 17th-largest gold producer globally and the third-largest in Latin America underscores the potential impact of these regulatory reforms. And I’m not the only one who sees the potential.

This significant stride is supported by robust gold exports valued at $2.9 billion in 2022 and the presence of major industry players like AngloGold Ashanti, B2Gold, and Aris Mining, further emphasizing Colombia’s stature in the global gold market.

The Bottom Line on Digital Green Gold

Digital green gold is coming. That’s the bottom line here and the main bullet point. Word is just starting to get out, but I’ve seen things like this build before. And before we know it, everyone is going to be talking about this new asset class.

That’s why I’m so adamant that everyone here gets invested in digital green gold, the companies facilitating its ecosystem, and the miners turning a dirty industry on its head. It’s why I’ve spent nearly a month telling you about it before the world finds out.

Digital green gold and the ways to get a piece of it early are still the topic of discussion in only a few, very connected circles. But they’re all very interested in getting a piece of the action. And I’m convinced you should be too.

That’s why I want to offer a special discounted membership to my premium investment advisory service, Future Giants, where I’ve already shared all the details on how to become one of the first investors in the explosive new asset class that is digital green gold. Once you join, you’ll be able to get yourself invested for the win as well.

And you’ll get a whole lot more than just access to the digital green gold investments I’m convinced are going to skyrocket as word gets out. You’ll also get access to our full model portfolio of little-known investments poised for outlandish gains. And you’ll have me as your guide, helping you lock in even more exciting new opportunities down the road as they come.

So give me a little more of your time today and take a risk-free trial of Future Giants. Get yourself invested for the big digital green gold win coming down the pike. Check out all my research and reports. Peruse the model portfolio. And get ready for many more incredible opportunities to come your way!

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