Meredith Whitney Predicts "the mother of all mortgage quarters"

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted July 13, 2009




When Meredith Whitney first shook the financial world in October 2007, her call on Citigroup Inc. was met with nothing less than death threats and mockery.

Since then, however, Whitney’s famous call on financial stocks has made her one of the industry’s hottest analysts. In the wake of her call, financials imploded as she had predicted.

So when she showed up on SquawkBox this morning talking about the “mother of all mortgage quarters” Whitney turned heads once again.

In fact, as I watched her interview Dow futures actually turned green on her short term bullish banking call.

Of course, it wasn’t all bullish by any stretch of the imagination since Whitney also sees 13% unemployment as real possibility.

Either way, here is the interview that has everybody talking this morning.


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