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Elon Musk’s Worst Nightmare

Written By Jason Williams

Posted April 29, 2022

Take a look at this image captured recently by a drone flying over eastern Texas:

Tesla Texas Battery

It’s a top-secret project Tesla’s been working on through one of its subsidiaries. It’s what the company calls a “utility-scale” battery.

And Tesla founder Elon Musk hopes that it will become the future of backup power for electricity grids across the world.

But it’s got a few MAJOR problems holding it back, and one just got a whole lot bigger…

He’s Got 99 Problems, But Success Ain’t One

We’ll get to the problem that just got monumentally bigger in a bit, but first let’s talk about the ones that are inherent in the battery itself.

First off, there’s the size. This battery can hold more than 100 megawatts and provide around 200 megawatt hours of energy. That’s about enough to power 20,000 or so homes for about an hour on a hot summer day.

And it takes 81 of Tesla’s Megapacks to store and discharge that kind of power.

For reference, one Megapack is about the size of a shipping container. And 81 of those take up about 10,000 square feet. Add in the required space between them and you’ve got a football field.

So you’ve got to give up a football field worth of space to power just a few homes for just a few minutes. That doesn’t sound like an efficient use of limited space to me.

Megapacks also cost a million bucks each. So that’s an $81 million investment for a town of 20,000 homes.

That doesn’t sound very economically efficient either. How is a town of 20,000 taxpaying families going to raise $81 million for a battery?

And they’re made of lithium, like all the other batteries Tesla makes. That’s expensive and, despite what you’ve heard, bad for the planet.

And at 7% lithium by weight and a total weight of 23,000 kilograms, we’re talking about over a ton of lithium per battery. Multiply that by 81 and you’ll understand why they cost so much.

And if you know that the highest-grade lithium project in the entire world is only 716 milligrams of lithium per liter of liquid…

And that the average lithium mine produces 16 kilograms of lithium per ton of the earth’s crust it digs up…

Then you’ll understand why it’s not quite as good for the planet as you’ve been led to believe.

That’s a lot of problems. And we haven’t even discussed the fact that lithium batteries occasionally explode with no warning.

If it’s this bad in a car, I can’t even imagine what one of those massive power plants would look like:

Flaming Tesla

But the ridiculous size of the battery and the amount of space needed to install it aren’t the biggest problems Tesla and its founder have.

Nor are the outlandish price tag or the fact that they’re just exporting pollution.

It’s not even the risk of explosion that’s causing Elon to lose sleep these days.

The biggest problem Tesla and its founder are facing comes in the form of competition from a company that’s built a far better energy storage system…

The Future King of Energy Storage

You see, Elon Musk isn’t the only genius who’s been working on better ways to store grid-scale energy.

And unfortunately for him, he’s also not the most successful at it. Another company already beat him to the punch.

It’s created a grid-scale energy storage system that works far better than any battery Tesla has ever developed.

And it did it all without using a single ounce of lithium.

That’s right. Without any expensive lithium, this company’s battery can store more energy longer than even the best lithium-based storage system.

And it’s catching a lot of attention from investors who really know energy…

I’m talking about the Saudi royal family. The princes of OPEC+ themselves. They’re backing this company because they know they need to divest from oil.

And they’re not taking any chances by betting on expensive, inefficient lithium with their billions in generational oil profits.

They’re partnering with this firm to store the energy they’ll generate at the world’s largest solar farm:

World's Largest Solar Farm

The field and storage system would generate and store three times the energy needs of the entire country.

I’d say that’s a far more impressive accomplishment than powering 20,000 homes. But what do I know?

You’re Not Too Late to Be Early

I’m telling you all of this because there’s an incredible opportunity unfolding here before our eyes.

This company has done the impossible. It’s created a better battery than the lithium-ion ones that have been powering our civilization since the 1970s.

Yet because it’s got nothing to do with lithium or hydrogen or anything like that, investors are completely ignoring it.

But it’s already got storage systems up and running across the globe and it’s inking contracts to build even more and bigger ones.

As those new batteries are connected to grids around the world, investors are going to take notice.

And they’re going to flock to this company and its stock.

That’s why I want you to be an early investor. I want you in BEFORE that happens…

So you can reap the lion’s share of the gains as this tiny firm becomes a giant dominating the energy storage industry.

And to make it as easy as possible for you, I’ve put all the information you’ll need into a short presentation.

I’ll outline the issues plaguing our current energy storage solutions. And I’ll explain how this company conquered the challenges and built the best mousetrap ever.

Plus, I’ll explain exactly how it’s going to dominate the energy storage market and how you can get a piece of the profits.

So take a little time today to learn all about the future king of energy storage.

It’ll be time well spent and could lead to life-changing gains.

But the final decision is in your hands.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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