Big Brother Economics Update

Brian Hicks

Updated May 15, 2006

God help us all…

I’m sorry, I can’t help but return to this subject. It begs to be talked about at every step.

Because I predicted some of these events happening in Archimedes Lever, I feel it’s necessary to pat myself on the back as I cry.

I mentioned the Total Information Awareness Project in an article about biometrics.

This initiative was started by the Pentagon as a massive storage archive, but was scrapped as impractical. The NSA gobbled it up, and now we have this mess.

Recently, it became common knowledge that the NSA has been gathering information about average American’s phone calls and allegedly mining this information to find suspected terrorists.

My only question here is this… Are there over a million suspect terrorists in the US or are they breaking the law and arbitrarily invading people’s privacy?

The Backlash

There are now lawsuits coming out against a couple of the telecommunication firms that gave the NSA the call logs of their millions of customers shortly after 9/11.

The one lawsuit against Verizon is this pending in Manhattan as the time of this article, but the second, filed against AT&T has been struck down by the DOJ.

The Department of Justice actually told lawyers that they were not allowed to sue AT&T for violating the privacy of their customers because the information would compromise national security.

And the DOJ was told that the NSA is immune to their inquiries for the same reason.

The Government is not only violating our rights, but it’s working against itself to fight that pesky little thing called due process.

The Market

All this says is that Security securities are going to go up. Just like I mentioned before.

At the time the NSA controversy came out, 66% of people polled didn’t think it was a big deal.

If RFID chips become the norm, what is stopping the government from watching our movements and data mining that information to predict who or what they should say to manipulate the masses?

Big Brother is watching, and Uncle Orwell is turning in his grave.

The truth may be stranger than fiction, but the last thing you want is for it to be scarier.

-JP Behrens

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