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Worst Mistake of Elon Musk's Career

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted February 3, 2022

Dear Reader,

Last month, a specialized Tesla model S fitted with an experimental new battery logged in a record 752 highway miles on a single charge.

This near 90% improvement over production models can be credited to the work of a Michigan-based tech startup called Our Next Energy, or ONE, for short.

It's a marginally clever company name and uncannily in line with Tesla CEO Elon Musk's own famously quirky preoccupation with acronyms.

What really matters — the technology — is far more impressive.

The experimental Model S was unmodified outside of the battery pack — meaning that there were no efficiency-optimizing steps taken to boost the range.

ONE's battery pack delivered 203 kilowatt-hours to the factory model's 104, while fitting into the same space as the original.

Even more impressive is that eventual production versions could be offered at little to no added cost.

Is This the Holy Grail for Electric Vehicle Batteries?

In the road test, this Model S traveled precisely 752.2 miles from charge to empty. When the same experiment was performed on a dynomometer, in a wind-free environment, the same car managed 882 miles at a constant speed of 55 mph.

The benefits don't end at mere improved efficiency.

According to a recent Car and Driver article on the topic, "ONE says it focuses on battery chemistries that are 'safer' and 'sustainable,' using a 'conflict-free supply chain.'"

And that's a benefit that cannot be overlooked, as today's shortages and dramatically rising prices on even the most essential goods clearly demonstrate.

There are currently 14 patent applications in process to cover these innovations, but unfortunately, they do not include an absolutely crucial improvement that the industry and the market have been desperate to find almost since the advent of rechargeable batteries… A replacement for lithium-ions as a driver of electrons.

Whether Tesla picks up ONE's technology and runs with it is still in question, but whatever Tesla goes with in the end, if anything at all, it will likely be the wrong decision.

If You're Thinking Lithium-Ion... Keep Thinking

Because the next step in battery technology is already here, and unlike any of the popular, likely solutions to problems like range, charge time, reliability, and safety, the word "lithium" does not appear in its name.

One of today's most daring and most prospective approaches to rechargeable battery technology is the graphene aluminum-ion battery.

Yes, graphene, that futuristic wonder material composed of a single layer of carbon arranged in a highly specialized geometric pattern.

Cathodes composed of a combination of graphene and aluminum yield some impressive results when compared with their traditional lithium-ion counterparts.

Two stand out: Up to 70 times faster charging and up to three times the battery life, while staying competitive in range with current lithium-ion industry benchmarks.

That's not an improvement. That's a paradigm shift, as it achieves the one goal that all EV-makers have only fantasized about for decades: a production car that can be charged to capacity faster than a traditional ICE vehicle can be refueled at the filling station.

And if you're concerned about supply chain issues (as every business everywhere now is), you can cross that worry off the list. These new batteries contain no lithium or rare earth metals at all — two major bottlenecks for any tech-related production today.

You Can Invest in This "Startup"... Today

Right now, there is a company developing this technology. Like ONE, it too is early in its life cycle, but the company is already collaborating with German tech giant Bosch to construct a production facility for this new generation of battery.

As an investor, this has been one of the most exciting stories I've ever covered. The company is already public, and shares have been on a roller coaster ride for the past several months as activity ramps up.

I recently published an in-depth research presentation on this topic to fully explain the technology and the potential.

Don't worry if you're not an engineer or chemist. It will all make sense to you from a ground-level perspective.

Get a firsthand look at the presentation right here.

Fortune favors the bold,

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