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Why 40 States Are Petitioning to Leave America

Wealth Daily's Weekend Edition

Written by Brittany Stepniak
Posted November 17, 2012

I know you've been waiting on pins and needles for some good news...

And I'll be the first to apologize, because I don't have any today.

Statistics show China and India threaten to outperform the U.S. economy, and our own constituents are threatening to secede in rebellion.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates China could be the largest economy in the world by the end of Obama's second term.

Senior Economist Asa Johansson said, “It is quite a shift in the balance of economic power we are going to see in the future.”

As China hoards historic volumes of gold, experts speculate it's preparing for a gold-backed renminbi. Could a new global currency fall into our laps as the dollar crumbles?

It's not a far-fetched possibility anymore, especially as America's wealthiest make plans to emigrate to avoid looming tax increases and overall system abuse from national leaders...

Since the election, at least 40 states have already signed petitions to formally secede from the United States of America. According to the We The People section of the White House's official website, Texas has the most signatures for secession: over 100,000 as of Thursday.

These petitioners represent a growing movement unified by a desire to leave the U.S. and peacefully form a new government that isn't drowning in debt due to federal overspending. Everyday life is difficult enough without irresponsible government intervention.

The Federal Reserve's method of replacing currency with a cheap look-alike and forcing citizens to use it is a tyrannical move, one that Americans are not happy about.  

It seems people would rather flee than stay on a sinking ship. Freedom doesn't feel so “free” when debt is keeping people in shackles...

Ex-patriot Michael Fielding explains why he's leaving the facade of freedom that America represents:

At first glance, you look like the greatest of all social systems. You seem like a stable and sturdy structure. People look at you and see strength. They see freedom and opportunity, democracy, and unity... but a peek behind the curtain reveals a scared old man, desperately trying to maintain an illusion.

Your size and complexity hide a simple truth: that you don’t physically exist. You are nothing more than a system of human interaction; not a thing in and of itself, but the result of a widespread pattern of behavior. You emerge from our beliefs and the actions they compel us to take.

We learn our roles and play them well. The guards act like guards, the judges act like judges, the cops act like cops, and we all pay our taxes. You exist because individuals behave as if you did. Of course this seems patently obvious, but it has some frequently overlooked implications. There is an inherent problem with this sort of system, a cancer written in your genetic code, an inoperable tumor that spells your demise.

The "cancer" Fielding talks about is choice.

Our system only remains in check if the people adhere to a certain pattern of expected behavior.

Hence, our government has essentially coerced affection from constituents...

They've made voters believe they cannot survive without The Establishment.

Undoubtedly, the government is responsible for the unhealthy web of dependency many families have fallen into over the last fifty years. And in times of desperation, the benefits appear to outweigh costs.

The people's dependency on the government to pay for things like housing, food, health care, and our children's higher education is the reason this nation's unsustainable habits and fundamental flaws are so easily and so often overlooked.

Our nation's debt has already become your debt and your children's' debt.

We must be willing to pay the costs of freedom now, before something drastic happens... before China owns America.

It's time our country's leaders act on what is truly best for the American people — and not merely on their insatiable appetite for unaffordable luxuries — while millions fall into poverty.

Best wishes for a prosperous future,

Brittany Stepniak Signature

Brittany Stepniak
for Wealth Daily

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