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The Cheapest Tech Stock on the Market Today

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted August 18, 2022

Dear Reader,

Pitching a stock to potential investors sometimes really takes talent.

I know this because I've sat through hundreds of presentations in my career and have watched the dullest concepts get packaged in a way that makes buying the company's stock seem like the only sane response.

Want to see talent? Listen to a CEO of a building materials company tell you about how their drywall is changing the game. Take notes.

Thankfully, the following isn't going to be one of those times.

The company I wanted to tell you about today makes next-gen rechargeable batteries, and has managed to replace lithium with a high-tech new material that can only be described as extraterrestrial in terms of physical properties

It's stronger than steel, yet so thin and so light that a 1 acre sheet of it weighs less than a gram.

It's a miraculous conductor of electricity and also the most efficient conductor of heat known to man.

This Changes Everything

The resulting batteries will have dramatically increased capacity and charge-cycle life span, and will charge up to 70x faster than the current benchmark.

That means your cellphone will charge to capacity in about 30 seconds and your electric car will go from dead to full charge in less than a minute.

You're starting to see the potential here, right?

Electric vehicles are going to represent more than 50% of new vehicles sold by the end of the decade... And tens of billions of new wireless devices are set to hit the market within that same time frame.

The lithium-ion battery market is projected to more than quadruple to facilitate this!

The company building these batteries is able to do so only because it also came up with a method for producing this magical material at a cost several orders of magnitude less than anything previously known.

And yes, it owns the patent to that production methodology, which means that nobody else will be able to use the new technique without paying massive licensing fees and royalties.

Now, most companies claiming to have such industry-disrupting advantages over the competition are usually misleading you in one way or another.

Typically, the lie comes in the form of an omission, and most often, that omission is that the company is nowhere near being able to produce the product it's touting.

Oftentimes the new wonder product is nothing more than a prototype, or just an idea.

The Production Lines Are Already Moving and Client Corporations Are Testing the Final Product

That's not the case here. This company already has a production facility set up, and just yesterday morning it put out a press release about that facility's 38,000-square-foot expansion.

Which means it's already building the batteries, among other things, using its novel production process.

But that expansion also represents another crucial fact: This is a young company, nowhere near requiring a Tesla-caliber gigafactory.

The company, which is now public and trading here in the U.S., carries a market capitalization (shares outstanding x current share price) of less than USD$250 million.

That makes it a microcap... or, in more common terms, a penny stock.

If that doesn't excite you, I recommend you have your pulse checked immediately, because the industry that is now under direct threat by this one relatively tiny firm is hundreds of times larger than that market cap.

As I mentioned earlier, by the end of this decade, the lithium-ion battery market is projected to exceed annual sales of $180 billion.

Except that in all likelihood, it will actually be far, far smaller because of advancements made at this largely unknown company.

Can You Imagine If You'd Bought Amazon in 1999? This Might Be Bigger

So you can buy this company's stock today, or you can wait a few years and read about how a Wall Street bigwig just closed a nine- or 10-figure profit from his early investment.

The choice is yours.

In case you want to learn more about it, I've put together a video presentation that goes into all the details.

You'll learn about the revolutionary new material at the heart of these new batteries, how it's made, and why this advancement will soon rewrite the rule books on rechargeable batteries as well as global supply chains.

Most valuable of all, you'll get that all-important ticker symbol, and with it, the freedom to make what could be your most important investment ever.

Don't wait another minute. Check out my video right here. It's free, access is instant, and we won't ask you for your email or credit card number.

Fortune favors the bold,

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