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Revolutionary Electric Motor Company Takes First Order

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted September 19, 2019

Dear Reader,

Last week I wrote to you about a potentially world-changing new technology that's been patented and is now being marketed by a tiny Canadian tech startup.

It's a story I've been following for several months now, but just last week, this company hit a major milestone as it entered a brand-new stage of development: commercialization.

For the first time ever, it announced a licensing contract for its flagship product: a revolutionary electric motor that uses artificial intelligence to manage the flow of electricity through the motor's copper coil.

It's called dynamic power management, or DPM, and it has been hailed as the first major evolution of the electric motor since its very advent, with benefits that could virtually swallow up the market by delivering up to 10% better energy efficiency, along with increased service life and lower maintenance costs.

The Wright Brothers Flyer... The Ford Model T... An Electric Bike?

The licensing deal is with a Canadian electric scooter company — admittedly a quiet way of entering the market.

This week, however, the company followed up that press release with even bigger news: It's just received its first production order.

The order is for $500,000 worth of "motor drivers" — electronic devices designed to optimize electric motor performance by managing the inflow of electricity between the power source and the motor itself.

The more important factor here, however, is the client.

As one of the biggest and oldest electric motor producers in Mexico, Potencia Industrial builds everything from wind and hydroelectric generators, to 15,000-horsepower electric motors.

It also builds smaller mass-market products like kits for converting gas-driven vehicles into electric power.

It will implement the motor drivers to optimize its existing products, but given the history of collaboration between these two companies, additional integration of DPM into more Potencia products is almost certain to occur in short order.

The Future Has Never Been Clearer

I've been saying this for months now: I believe this company could redefine the industry.

That claim has been tossed around in reference to a number of companies, but in this case the "industry" happens to encompass so many applications that more than half of the total electricity produced by mankind is consumed by running various examples of its products.

One-half. 50%. I'm repeating that because it's a magnitude difficult to grasp. That's how important electric motors are to mankind.

They drive almost all domestic and commercial appliances and, with each passing year, absorb even more market share in the transportation segment at the expense of the internal combustion engine.

Which makes the progress of the last two weeks all the more exciting.

There is a lot more to this company than sI've touched on here, but there's one factor that might make the biggest difference to you personally.

Not Your Average Tech Startup

This company, small as it is at under $20 million total market capitalization, is already trading on the public markets.

You can buy its stock right now if you want from your online brokerage account.

But, like I said, there's still a lot you need to know before you make any investing decisions.

Luckily for you, I've recently completed an exhaustive research report on this company, what it does, and what path it's likely to take into the future.

When you see it, you'll get the full picture and will understand why I think this may be the most important investment I'll ever make.

That report is available to you, right now, free of charge.

All you have to do is check out this quick video presentation and claim it at the end.

Fortune favors the bold,

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