Don’t Buy Intel Stock

Written By Jason Williams

Updated May 15, 2024

Dear Reader,

Lately, you’ve probably been reading a lot about artificial intelligence and the advancements companies are making in the technology. And you’ve likely been reading about the companies that are driving the market forward and the stocks scoring investors BIG profits in the process. I’m talking about Nvidia, Microsoft, and now Intel stock, as it gives the big players a run for their money.


The elephant in the room is obviously Nvidia, but investors are starting to get excited about Intel stock these days as well. And there could be good reason for that.

The Decline of Intel Stock

You see, Intel made the decision to pretty much give up the 5G mobile market to Qualcomm several years ago. And its shares showed that investors were not happy with the decision. Intel stock prices had started dropping even before the announcement. And they accelerated their decline afterward. For over a year, Intel stock fell, shedding over 60% of its value:


And even after a brief rally in 2022 as markets all gained ground, Intel stock remains 50% cheaper than it was before announcing its exit from the 5G mobile market. In contrast, Nvidia stock is up nearly 500% in the same time period. So it makes sense that when Intel starts talking about AI, investors are going to see value in Intel stock. But that begs the question…

Is Intel Stock a Good Investment?

Is it a good idea to buy Intel stock right now? And the short answer is yes, it’s probably not a bad idea to get a little exposure to Intel stock. It’s down over 50% from its all-time high price. And it could represent a value investment right now. Plus, Intel stock is likely to be getting some attention in the coming weeks as the company unveils its new solutions before the entire world at the Paris Olympic Games later this summer.


Intel will display technology that supports aspiring athletes to help maximize their skills and detect new talents. It will also unveil advancements in universal accessibility leveraging AI built on Intel Xeon.

All that high tech on display is bound to drive eyes to the company and traffic to Intel stock at the same time. But just because Intel stock is a good investment in artificial intelligence technology doesn’t make it the best investment. In fact, that coveted top spot goes to a different company if you’re interested in investing in AI chipmakers, which you probably are if you’re reading about Intel stock right now.

A Better Bet Than Intel Stock

You see, one of the benefits of being in my position is that I’m privy to the research of all the experts who surround me here at Wealth Daily and our sister site, Energy and Capital. So I get to hear about ALL the most interesting developments in investing FAR before the rest of the crowd.

And it’s that inside access that makes me so sure that Intel stock, while it’s a good investment, isn’t the best way for bold investors to make the biggest profits from AI and the chips that support its use and expansion. It’s also why I’m pretty sure Nvidia, albeit a great company and investment, isn’t going to nab that accolade either.


My colleague Keith Kohl recently tipped me off to a company he’s been researching for months and finally pulled the trigger on recommending. And after hearing what he had to say about what this company’s already accomplished and what it’s on the way to announcing… I had to get a piece of the action myself. And I wanted to share the action with you, too. Because I’m convinced this is going to be way bigger than anything you’ll see from an investment in Intel stock.

Bet With the Best

This company built a chip that outperforms all competitors — Super Micro Computer, Nvidia, Intel, everyone — and offers a 93% reduction in power demand. So not only is the chip faster, but it uses less energy, which makes it cheaper for companies in the long run. And with those two features, it could easily come in and steal market share from those big names I just mentioned.

That’s why I’m so convinced it’s a better place to park some funds than Intel stock right now. It’s still relatively unknown and trading at a supreme discount to its future potential. And it’s got far more potential room to run once investors stop looking for Intel stock and start looking for the best AI chips on the market instead.


So I got permission to share Keith’s research with you so that you can get invested today, while the rest of the world is still thinking about buying Intel stock. I want you to take some time to really digest the information he presents. And then I think you’ll see the potential both he and I see in this up-and-comer.

And if you choose not to follow our lead, you can still probably snag some respectable AI-driven gains from Intel stock, too.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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