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Is Amazon Going to Sell Weed?!

Written by Jason Williams
Posted June 4, 2021

Lots of changes are taking place over at the e-retailing giant. Jeff Bezos, founder and longtime CEO, is passing the reins to a new leader so he can enjoy his billions.

But something even more interesting just happened, and it could be incredibly profitable for a select group of investors…

Amazon Goes “All-In” on Weed

Much to many folks’ surprise, Amazon, which is based in Washington state, where weed has been legal for about eight years, still drug-tests employees for cannabis. And up until this week, it was firing or rejecting anyone who tested positive.

But the company finally got the memo that weed is legal and is changing its tune.

Not only did it make an announcement that it’s not going to be testing some employees for cannabis anymore, but it also put its full might behind full-scale legalization through the MORE Act.

Now, this doesn’t mean Amazon is getting into cannabis just yet. But it does mean we can expect the company to do so in the future.

Source: Joshua Titus / Leafly

And that could have either amazing or terrible consequences for the rest of the industry.

But it’s all but guaranteed to make a certain group of investors very happy (and I’m not talking about AMZN shareholders)…

Consequences in Cannabis

As far as the cannabis industry goes, Amazon’s support is a big deal. The company does billions in sales every year and employs millions of people around the world.

It also spends a lot of money lobbying politicians to get what it wants. So its support of legalization may actually help us get there.

And cannabis stocks shot up on the news because of that realization. But if Amazon starts selling cannabis, that could be a pretty bad thing for your local dispensaries and the companies that operate them.

So it’s kind of hard to make a bet on that. Will Amazon entering the cannabis market kill the rest of the competitors? It didn’t go well for Barnes & Noble after Amazon started selling books.

Or will the entrance of an established company like Amazon push the industry to the next level? I just can’t say right now.

I don’t think Amazon is going to put your local dispensary out of business anytime soon. And I’m not telling you to sell all of your pot stocks on the spot.

But I do think if the company starts to retail cannabis as one more of its trillions of products, a group of investors is going to be very happy…

Prime (Pot) Profits

You see, this group of investors is privy to a strategy few know exists that allows them to essentially get paid every time a package leaves an Amazon warehouse.

prime profits clickable

I call it “Prime Profits” because the majority of these massive payouts come from Amazon (albeit indirectly). And when I say massive, I really mean it…

This group is already collecting hundreds of millions of dollars every year. And combined, they’ve collected several BILLION in just the past three years alone.

Adding millions of pre-rolled joints to that revenue stream is only going to make it that payout sweeter.

How much sweeter? Well, the next payout was recently calculated (and it doesn’t include weed since Amazon's not selling it yet).

It’ll be distributed to shareholders in just a few days, on June 14. And it’s one of the biggest in company history!

I’m talking about an overall distribution worth over $446 MILLION!

It’s the second payout they’ve issued this year. And there will be at least two more coming later in 2021.

That’s going to push this year’s total payout to nearly $2 BILLION… at the bare minimum.

And since there’s still time to get in on the next payout, I want you to get a piece of that massive pile of cash.

No Time Like the Present

I uncovered this incredible income stream a few years ago and alerted the members of my investing community, The Wealth Advisory, to it immediately.

They’ve been profiting and collecting steady income ever since. But helping them isn’t enough for me. I want to help everyone get a piece of this big, delicious pie.

So I got my partner to help me put together a presentation that details the opportunity, explains the strategy, and even gives you some examples of what you can build your payouts up to.

You’ll hear from real investors who’ve taken our advice and changed their financial futures.

You’ll get all the information you need to get yourself invested in the “Prime Profits” program and start collecting your own potentially massive payouts.

And you’ll have the opportunity to join the tens of thousands of like-minded investors who are already profiting from our advice on cash-spinning, profit-generating investments like “Prime Profits.”

It’s a really incredible opportunity and I really hope you take advantage of it.

Then, the next time I’m writing about the massive payouts people are collecting with this indirect Amazon investment, I’ll be talking about you.

So take a little time today (or over the weekend) to give our presentation a watch.

Or, if you prefer, I’ve also got a written report that gives you all the same information and opportunities. 

Time Prime Waits for No One

I just ask that you act quickly. The next payout is coming very soon. And there are all sorts of distractions bound to pop up in those few short days.

If you take care of it now, you can just sit back and watch the payout come in. If you wait, you might miss out on your share of $446 million.

I don’t want that to happen, and I’m willing to bet you don’t either.

So take a little time today and either watch our presentation or read our report. And then get yourself set up to collect this payout and every one in the future for as long as you care to participate.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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