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Amazon Just Lost $221 Billion

Written by Jason Williams
Posted September 9, 2020

It looks like the coast may be clear for now, but last week’s tech selloff had the markets shaking in their boots. A 10% Nasdaq correction and major selling in some major names over the past few days had a lot of analysts and investors asking if that other shoe finally dropped.

I can’t really say I was surprised. I mean, the stocks that got whacked were all ones that were well above their technical indicators and fundamental values. It had gotten to the point where analysts were issuing hold ratings on stocks they thought had fundamental reasons to drop just because momentum was so strong.

If that sounds complicated, it is. But the gist of it is that Wall Street’s only explanation for why stocks like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon were soaring so high was because they were soaring so high.

But the thing with self-fulfilling prophecies is that they work both ways. Tesla was going to keep going up as long as it was going up, but it was also going to keep falling as long as it was falling.

And fall it did. Tesla shares were down a good 34% from their peak as of yesterday. But it wasn’t the only one. And while its percentage drop may be bigger, nobody lost more in the rout than Amazon and its shareholders.

The company’s share price fell 12% from peak to trough. Doesn’t sound that bad until you start thinking about how big Amazon is. At the peak, it had a market cap of nearly $1.78 TRILLION. At the low point of the recent correction, it had a market cap around $1.55 trillion.

Think about that for a minute. In less than a full week’s time, Amazon’s shareholders lost over $220 BILLION.

But even while Amazon stock was dropping and those hundreds of billions were being lost, a group of investors saw their Amazon profits climb.

Wait. What did I just say? Amazon lost nearly $221 billion in value and shareholder money, but a group of investors somehow managed to grow their Amazon gains?

They must have been shorting the company, right? Some may have. But the investors I’m talking about don’t have anything to do with Amazon stock.

They just collect profits from the company... no matter how the company’s stock is performing... by taking advantage of a simple strategy and getting on a profitable list.

Profit Payouts Posted

And just to prove that it doesn’t matter what Amazon’s stock is doing, the company in charge of managing the list and handling the profit distributions announced one of the biggest in history the same day Amazon’s stock hit that bottom.

The same day Amazon’s shareholders watched the last of that $221 billion vanish, this company announced that the people on its list will be splitting a cash payout worth more than $428 million.

And even though almost every penny of that payout is coming from Amazon, the rout in AMZN stock didn’t affect the payments at all. They weren’t reduced by 12% like the profits of Amazon investors.

And even if today is a fluke and the rout on tech stocks continues and Amazon’s share price falls another 12% that payout isn’t going to change.

And there’s still time to get your name on the list. But before I explain how, let me explain the program a little bit so you’ve got a better understanding of where all that money comes from.

What Are “Prime Profits”?

A few years ago, my partner and I were looking for new opportunities to generate steady income for ourselves and our investors. And we came across a special profit-sharing program that checked off all the boxes.

So, after thoroughly researching the opportunity and the company behind it, we decided to give it a shot and see for ourselves if this really was the golden goose it looked like.

And we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was it as good as we’d initially thought, it was better — WAY better!

The first year our investors participated in the program, we split about $1.48 billion. The second year, it was a little bit more at about $1.55 billion. And this year, it’s grown even larger...

This year, we’re splitting a total distribution worth well over $1.7 BILLION!

And almost every penny of that money comes from Amazon’s profits. So, we’ve taken to calling the steady, reliable, and fast-growing payouts “Prime Profits” in honor of Amazon’s membership program.

prime profits clickable

You see, Amazon ships millions of products every single day. And it takes billions of dollars to run an empire like that. And some of those billions get diverted into programs just like this one.

It’s like we’re able to skim profits right off Amazon’s top line. Its sales figures grow and so do our payouts.

But it’s also completely legal, so we don’t ever have to worry about someone coming to take those payments back.

We’ve been collecting “Prime Profits” for a few years now. Our investors have, too. And we’re very happy with our extra income. I’ve even received letters thanking me for helping folks reach that early retirement we all dream about.

But as the payouts keep growing exponentially larger, there’s far more money to be shared and we’re not a selfish group. We believe the very definition of a successful person is someone who shares that success with others.

So that’s what we want to do today. We want to share the secret with you so you can join us on the next round of “Prime Profit” payouts.

Coming Soon to a Bank Account Near You

And that next round, the $428 million+ I mentioned earlier, is getting calculated right now. We already know the total payout amount, but the checks still need to be cut.

So that means there’s still time to get in on the next round of massive “Prime Profit” payments... but there’s not a lot.

The next payment is going to be calculated on September 14. That’s less than one week from today.

If you’re even a second late, you miss out and don’t get anything come check-cashing time.

But if you act now, you can secure your spot on the list and rest easy knowing your “Prime Profit” check is “in the mail,” as they say.

But like I said, the opportunity closes at 4:30 p.m. EST next Monday, September 14.

If you call at 4:31 and try to get in on the next payout, you’ll get a hard no and be told you can join but won’t be eligible for a payment until next year.

So, when I tell you not to delay, I’m 100% serious. A few days seems like a lot of time, but you’ve got the weekend in there where you can’t do any business.

And that makes it just four days (including today) until the next payment gets calculated.

A lot can happen in four days. A lot of distractions can keep you from securing your payment.

Claim Your “Prime Profits” TODAY

So, while it’s fresh in your mind, I’m imploring you to take a few minutes' time and get yourself set up for life-changing payments.

My partner and I put together a presentation that details the whole opportunity from top to bottom.

You’ll learn all about the payouts, hear from some fellow investors who’re already getting piles of cash delivered to their doorsteps, and learn how to join them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can click here to get access to this special presentation. Just make sure you do it soon because those payments are getting cut in just a few days. And I want you to get one.

In case you prefer to read a little more today, however, I’ve also put together a written report you can access by clicking here. It’s got all the same information, just in written format.

Whatever you do today after reading this article, make the first thing learning how to collect “Prime Profits” and signing up for the next payout.

It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made... and one of the most profitable, too.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason designed and analyzed complex projects for the U.S. Army. He made the jump to the private sector as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he eventually led his own team responsible for billions of dollars in daily trading. Jason left Wall Street to found his own investment office and now shares the strategies he used and the network he built with you. Jason is the founder of Main Street Ventures, a pre-IPO investment newsletter, and co-authors The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.

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