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Irrational Exuberance in China

Brian Hicks
Updated February 9, 2007

Recently voiced concerns from the Chinese government that their surging domestic stock market was crossing into bubble territory helped to set off last week's sharp decline, including a single day...

Sign Your Country on the Dotted Line

Brian Hicks
Updated March 1, 2007

Old research habits die hard. Actually, it's my belief that knowledge should not be compartmentalized - you know what you know, and latent awareness can only help. Now, why does my linguistic...

Marbles in Your Mouth and Profits in Your Pocket

Brian Hicks
Updated May 10, 2007

Molybdenum is a mouthful. But this important transition metal and alloy component should be in your commodity vocabulary.

Threats and Opportunities: Israel Knows Both

Brian Hicks
Updated June 6, 2007

In the same way that the State of Israel was not born into a vacuum, it is essential to put Israel's energy development in a regional context. Today on the Red Sea, I heard European, Jordanian, and...

A Refugee Bull Market in Jordan

Brian Hicks
Updated June 26, 2007

AMMAN, JORDAN: As we scooted along through dense traffic that is typical of any developing country, my Jordanian host pointed out an Infinity SUV in front of us. "Look," he said as he darted his...

The Shoddiest Export

Brian Hicks
Updated August 10, 2007

For years, Americans have been able to pay for enormous trade deficits by exchanging IOUs for imported consumer goods. Unfortunately for foreign creditors, a substantial percentage of those IOUs...

Fast Times at Pacific Rim High

Brian Hicks
Updated November 7, 2005

Sometimes geopolitics seems more like high school. The self-assured jock (USA) begs all comers to "bring it on," while the brainiac (China) threatens to take his eminently copyable homework and go...

Rethinking the Electron

Brian Hicks
Updated January 20, 2006

You've been reading Wealth Daily for quite some time now. It's nothing new to you that we keep you up to date with the latest in technology, energy, and every other area where the cutting edge will...

Web Warriors

Brian Hicks
Updated March 17, 2006

The great Baltimorean H.L. Mencken once quipped, "War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands." We remain unfortunately stagnant...

Caffeinated Commodities

Brian Hicks
Updated August 29, 2006

Every day it’s a new brew. Coffee can give you a heart attack. Or it can fight cancer. It can make investors rich or turn poor farmers towards the cocaine industry. Today we filter the...

Will Japan Destroy the Yen to Save the Dollar?

Brian Hicks
Updated July 9, 2007

As the Japanese government continues holding short-term interest rates near zero while printing yen like it is going out of style, getting out of the yen has now replaced pachinko as the national...

Israel Biotech Comes to Baltimore

Brian Hicks
Updated July 31, 2007

I've traveled far and wide to get the scoop on international investing opportunities. Sometimes, though, the story comes to me. Last week I gathered with a cadre of Israeli biotech heavyweights...