Apple Sets its Sights on iSpecs

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 13, 2010





First there was the iPod.

Then there was the iPhone.

And more recently there was the iPad—which is the latest Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) mega-hit.

So what’s next for the California-based tech giant?

According to reports it may be something called iSpecs…

From the MailOnline entitled: iSpecs: Apple eyes up 3D future with projection glasses that will play films on the move

“Apple could soon be venturing into the world of 3D, after they filed a patent application for electronic spectacles that would show films on the move.

The head-mounted gadget would have a slot for an Apple iPhone or iPod.

A special ‘smart’ lens in the device, nicknamed iSpecs by gadget fans, would project the images from the screen so they could be viewed comfortably.

The lens would be able to split the image into two different frames creating a 3D effect. This could be used to watch blockbusters such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

The application explained the form would allow the user to ‘relax while viewing image based content on the head-mounted device because he does not have to hold onto the portable electronic device.’

The gizmo would also be fitted with a camera to stream video from the outside world. Infrared sensors embedded in the frames would detect if anyone approached the wearer, and the real-time video would pop up on a screen inside the glasses.

This would help users feel more at ease wearing the glasses in public.

The patent plans were submitted by Apple in August 2008, but were so outlandish they were dismissed as an April Fool’s joke when they were published by the company on April 1.

Now technology bloggers believe the plans are genuine as the US Patent and Technology Office are unlikely to have agreed to be part of a hoax.

Apple has certainly never been afraid of forging into new markets, making waves with both the iPhone and most recently with the iPad.

An Apple spokesman said the company did not comment on patents.


Apple’s share price, by the way, is now trading at an all time high.

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