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Jason Williams

Posted March 21, 2022

Look, I don’t always write about the most popular investments here. But when I do that it’s because I see a disconnect you can exploit for a profit.

I’m here to help make you more money. I’m not here to pander to anyone’s sensitive political views.

So when I told you to buy coal, it wasn’t because I’m some heartless monster who hates clean air.

It was because I saw the world moving away from coal without shutting down many coal-powered electrical plants.

They were saying one thing, but their actions suggested something different. And coal was near the bottom of a multi-year slump.

Investors had stopped buying. But countries hadn’t. So on September 21, 2021, I told you to invest in coal.

And since I told you to buy coal and even gave you my favorite investment (Alliance Resource Partners), that stock is up 60% and the price of coal is up over 100%!

I was just trying to help you make some money.

A few months earlier, we’d had a similar situation. I noticed a major disconnect in the S&P 500 energy sector.

While I was doing my research, I noticed that Tesla carried a higher valuation than all the energy companies in the S&P 500 energy sector COMBINED.

It was as if the world had decided we were never going to burn one more drop of oil ever again.

And as if everyone on the planet was going to buy a Tesla.

I knew neither of those things to be true, so I recommended you invest in the oil market.

Since then, the S&P 500 energy sector is up 55%. And the price of a barrel of oil has soared nearly 100%.

Again, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone’s sensitivities. I was just trying to make you some money.

But why do I say all this today? Well, it’s because I’ve got another investment that you probably don’t want to hear about.

But I’m going to tell you anyway. Because I’m convinced this is going to make you far more than either oil or coal.

Now That’s a Super Cycle

Have you ever seen a bull market in uranium stocks? If you’re not someone who’s constantly tuned into the market, you might not have.

But one happened not that long ago. It sent shares in tiny unknown companies into the stratosphere and created a whole new breed of multimillionaire.

Here’s what it did to the price of uranium:

2007 Uranium Bull Market

That’s a 1,310% increase from 2000–2007… and I think it’s about to happen again.

You see, the world is finally waking up to the fact that renewable energy isn’t enough to power the planet. Or at least it’s not enough yet.

The technology just isn’t advanced enough to replace fossil fuels like coal and oil. That’s part of the reason you were able to make so much loot so quickly off my coal and oil recommendations.

But we do have an alternative source of energy that’s carbon-neutral and can provide the energy the global power grid needs to function on a day-to-day basis.

And national governments the world over — especially here in the United States — are making a push to bring it back to the forefront of the electricity market.

Forget Everything You Know

Obviously, I’m talking about nuclear energy. A few decades ago, it was the wave of the future and the most amazing power source ever discovered.  

But nuclear bombs and cold wars and reactor meltdowns put a damper on the public’s excitement, and nuclear energy — especially in the U.S. — was phased out before it really even ramped up.

Secret Stock Files Coming Soon

Now, however, we find ourselves in a time where we may be on the verge of a global nuclear renaissance.

National governments have locked themselves into pledges to become carbon-neutral.

But the current technology doesn’t allow them to do that without paying massively higher energy prices.

That is, none of it but nuclear energy. You see, there’s a whole new breed of generators out there under development and being deployed for final testing in the field.

They’re smaller. They’re safer. They’re more efficient. And they can run far longer on the same amount of fuel as their older, bigger, more dangerous predecessors.

That means they’re more accessible. They’re able to generate more electricity with less fuel.

And since they can burn the fuel more efficiently, they produce far less waste.

But the catch is that they can’t actually run on the same fuel as the old reactors. Those used enriched uranium. These run on a more highly refined version of the mineral.

And the bigger catch is that the only sources for that kind of fuel are China, Russia, and India.

India has its own reactors to power and is building more. China and Russia don’t really love sharing with the United States.

So that’s a pretty big catch. We’re making these new reactors, but we need fuel to power them. And we need a domestic place to get it.

And that’s where the opportunity I’m so excited about comes into play…

The One and Only

There’s only one company in the entire country that’s able to produce this fuel.

And that’s not just because it’s the only one with the capabilities to make it…

It’s also because it’s the only company that’s been able to secure a license from the Department of Energy to produce it.

And that gives it a huge advantage over any competition that might spring up. It’s the first mover. And for now, it’s the ONLY mover.

And because of that status, it’s already got contracts in place to sell all the fuel it can produce.

One of those contracts is with a company that could up and buy the whole operation at a very large premium.

So maybe you’re starting to see the dollar signs flash in your eyes now, too.

Because even if this company doesn’t get bought out by one of its cashed-up customers…

It’s the ONLY place any of them can go to buy the fuel they MUST have to run their reactors.

So even if it doesn’t get bought for a premium by one of them, it’ll be selling its fuel for a premium to all of them.

That’s why I want you to get an early stake in this operation.

And that’s also why I’ve prepared a special report for you that details the industry, the evolution, and the opportunity for you to profit as it all unfolds.

So don’t let this be another of my predictions you ignore because it’s in a market that’s out of favor.

Take a little time today to learn about the company at the center of the coming energy renaissance.

And get yourself invested for the massive gains I see coming down the pike.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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