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Brian Hicks

Updated October 16, 2006

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In today's edition of Quantum Investor, I'd like to introduce you to Wayne Mulligan.

Wayne is the Chief Investment Officer of Tech Stock Insider . . . and he brings a unique perspective to the technology market.

That's because-until recently-Wayne worked at Gilford Securities in New York, where he co-managed millions of dollars in assets . . . and earned a reputation as one of the premier technology analysts on Wall Street.

Prior to his time at Gilford-as you'll see below-Wayne cut his teeth in the technology business by developing and maintaining a number of award-winning applications for America Online and others.

Over the next several days, Wayne's insight and analysis will come to you FREE of charge . . . courtesy of Quantum Investor.


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Wireless technology is literally creating a "wave" of change and profits that's sweeping across the globe at lightning speed. It's about to completely shift how we do everything, from communicating with one another to how we pay for our groceries. Let me tell you what I mean.


Right now the growth in this sector is explosive, to say the least. According to Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, worldwide cellular subscribers should hit 3.5 billion by 2010-up almost 50% from where it is today-and revenue should be in the $800 billion range!

The applications for wireless technologies appear to be endless. Let me share a story with you so you can see what I mean.

Now, what I'm about to say may sound like something from a movie you'd see on the Sci-Fi channel. But this was something I heard from the mouth of one of the most visionary and experienced technologists on the planet . . .

Last winter I had the pleasure of sitting in on a discussion with Bill Gates-that's right, Mr. Microsoft himself. It was at this talk that Mr. Gates unveiled some of Microsoft's (MSFT:NASDAQ) strategies for "riding the Wireless Wave."

He had some amazing things to talk about and demonstrate. For example, he showed off a camera phone that could instantly translate a street sign from one language to another after the picture was uploaded to the Internet. He also showed off a "smart phone" that could project a full-sized computer screen directly onto any flat surface.

Imagine sitting at an airport, pulling out your cell phone, laying it on a table and instantly having a full-sized computer monitor at your fingertips. You could check email, approve a PowerPoint presentation and browse through any web page on the net.

In a few months a new service from eBay (EBAY:NASDAQ) subsidiary PayPal will allow you to pay for a cab ride or bid on an auction item . . . all using your cell phone. These are amazing times we're living in, my friend!

And believe me when I tell you that the growth in this sector is far from over. With developing nations like India, Russia and China beginning to roll out their own mobile networks and services, there will be plenty of untapped markets for savvy investors to make some handsome profits in!

But more on that later.

For now, definitely take a few minutes and have a look at this free video presentation I put together. I'm sure it will give you a better idea about where I'm from and what it is I do at Tech Stock Insider.

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Wayne Mulligan,
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