Reddit Traders: Excitable? Yes. Stupid? Not Really.

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Over the past few weeks, Wall Street has been turned on its head by a group of retail traders referring to themselves as “degenerates” and “retards.”

I don’t know any of them well enough to tell you if they’re degenerates or not, but they’re not making stupid decisions when it comes to the stocks they’re investing in.

They definitely get very excited and drive those stocks WAY higher than they should be priced. But they’re not just picking any random company like the mainstream media would have you believe.

First, they picked three beaten-down value stocks in GameStop, BlackBerry, and Nokia. Each of those companies had turnaround potential before the army of Reddit traders drove their share prices to ludicrous levels.

GameStop has millions of potential customers who all still remember those stores being the only place to go to get the latest games. It has a tech-savvy board with experience growing an e-commerce empire and a good deal of cash on the books.

It’s not worth $450, and it may never be, but it could be worth more than it was trading for before Reddit struck.

And Nokia is the second-largest telecommunications infrastructure company in the world. In the whole world. It has patents, contracts, and real potential. It just hadn’t been living up to it recently.

BlackBerry also has a bullish argument behind it, with the government relationships it’s maintained from the Research in Motion days. It also has thousands of patents on technology that will be instrumental to the IoT.

Granted, the Reddit traders took all three well above their current value (even based on the perfect future scenario), but that’s because they got excited, not because they’re stupid.

And now they’ve moved on to cannabis stocks…

From Meme to Green

GameStop, Nokia, and BlackBerry were all described as “meme stocks.” That’s kind of like the story stocks I told you about a few weeks ago. But instead of a cool story, the stocks lend themselves to cool pictures or memes.

Now, those Reddit traders have turned their attention to green stocks and are piling into every cannabis play they can find.

The big names like Tilray, Canopy, Aphria, and Aurora were all heading up by double-digits on Wednesday.

But those big names you all know weren’t the real winners of the day. That title belonged to a tiny company that was a penny stock before Reddit got hold of it — Sundial Growers (SNDL).

Sundial shares were trading hands for less than $1 at the start of February. They closed just under $3 on Wednesday and soared even higher in after-hours trading.

Why? Well, Sundial was the cheapest cannabis stock on the Nasdaq. In fact, it was about to get delisted because its share price had been so low for so long.

So it was easy for someone with $100 to buy a hundred shares. That same $100 would’ve only gotten a handful of shares in the big-name growers.

And despite a $10 bill being worth the same as 10 $1 bills, people still seem to want the 10 ones over the one 10.

So Sundial was the stock du jour for those small-time investors.

But there’s another reason the Reddit army chose cannabis stocks. Actually, there are a few.

Cannabis stocks carry heavy short interest. You already know what that is from the GameStop drama.

Cannabis stocks are also in an industry that’s still in its infancy. It’s not even legal in this country yet. But as that changes, these companies’ businesses are going to grow bigger and bigger.

Add onto that the announcement that major producer Canopy Growth sees profitability in the near future, and you’ve got a pretty solid tide pushing those pot stocks higher.

Then there’s the hope that a Democrat-controlled D.C. will get cannabis legalized in the U.S.

I don’t know how fast that’ll happen with a teetotaler at the helm, who penned the mandatory minimum sentencing laws and blames cannabis for his son’s battle with addiction, but it’s a potential catalyst too.

There’s good reason to be bullish on cannabis stocks. Even at the elevated levels Reddit has pushed them to recently, there’s still room for long-term growth.

It’s a massive market that we’ve barely tapped yet.

So today, I wanted to give you a couple of opportunities in that market.

The first is a stock that has even more potential than any of the cannabis names getting driven by Reddit this week.

The second is a chance to get in on the next pot company to go to the moon before it even lists on a public exchange.

Cannabis for Big Pharma

The whole legal cannabis market got its start back in the 1990s in California when voters approved its use for medical purposes.

Since then, many other states have made the same move and created a large and growing medical marijuana industry.

But we’re all still waiting for the evidence that there’s actually a medical benefit to consuming cannabis. There are no actual studies that show it is beneficial.

And the reason for that is the federal government controls those studies. It makes it almost impossible to get one started.

Add onto that the fact that federal cannabis is a far cry from the swanky designer strains you can buy in dispensaries, and you’ve basically got a cycle designed to keep cannabis illegal.

But there’s one company that believes it’s found a way around all the red tape keeping valid research from being done on cannabis. If it’s successful, it will become the most important partner big pharma has ever had.

The company’s called Juva Life, and it makes money from its retail cannabis operation. But that’s not where the company plans to stay.

You see, it’s pumping those funds back into research and development as it builds out the biggest scientific database of cannabis patients, treatments, and information in the world.

Its plans are to use its connections to the cannabis marketplace to get meaningful data on medical conditions people are treating with cannabis. It can then use that data to help direct its researchers to the most potentially fruitful studies.

The company first plans to target inflammation and then move up the ladder from there. Eventually, it could be helping test cannabis-based therapies for major, deadly diseases like cancer.

And if you need a reference for how much a successful cannabis-based drug platform could be, just look at GW Pharma. It created the first FDA-approved drug from synthesized cannabis chemicals. It was just bought by Jazz Pharmaceuticals for $7.2 billion. That’s a 76% premium to its closing price the day before the deal was announced. And it’s 2,520% higher than where the stock IPO’d just a few years ago.

I think Juva Life has the same kind of buyout potential, but I think it’ll get an even bigger premium.

You see, right now the stock is trading for about USD$1.70 and CAD$2.10. But with its current operations, the stock is worth more like USD$3–$4. So there’s a solid shot for a 100% or higher gain just from the company’s retail sales.

But if management can make good on its goals, this is a $10 stock and a $2 billion company.

That’s a solid 500% gain from where we are today — well within the realm of the possible.

But that’s not all I have for you today. In fact, I have an opportunity for you to get in on a cannabis company that’s not even publicly traded yet. And when it does list, it could start trading on the Nasdaq immediately.

That means as soon as it hits the market, every single investor on Reddit and Robinhood will be able to buy it. You’ll be able to sit back and watch them drive the price to the moon because you got invested before anyone else even had a chance.

Getting the Next Reddit Stock BEFORE It’s a Stock

There’s a common link between these two companies besides cannabis, and that’s the way they’ve grown to what they are today.

You see, Juva got its private funding from regular investors like you and me. In fact, some of your fellow Wealth Daily readers participated in it and are sitting on 230% gains and 120% gains.

That’s because they got to buy shares of the company for just $0.50 a share before it went public. They also got the option to buy additional shares for $0.75 once the stock listed.

So when the stock listed at $0.80, they’d already made money on both. Now that the market is seeing the immense value in Juva, they’ve more than tripled their money.

The thing is we got in on Juva in the last round before it IPO’d, so we got the highest private price. That’s still far lower than the public has ever been able to buy shares but far higher than the earliest investors.

They’re sitting on quadruple-digit gains.

But I’ve got another opportunity for you to invest in a private company before the rest of the market even has a chance.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what your net worth is. It only matters that you’re over 18 and have an internet connection.

This company has me WAY more excited than Juva ever did…

You see, it’s kind of like a unicorn. It’s not a billion-dollar company yet; it’s a private company raising early-stage money, and it already has positive cash flow.

That almost never happens when you’re funding an early-stage private company, but here we are.

The company has several million in revenues already. It has profits to reinvest into growth and contracts to sell more product than it can produce at the moment.

It already meets the criteria to list directly to the Nasdaq. But management is in no hurry since the company’s profitable already.

When it’s ready to go public, there will be a hungry market waiting for it, with millions of retail investors trying to get a piece.

But if you take advantage of my offer today, you’ll already be a shareholder. And you could be laughing all the way to the bank where you’ll deposit your early investor profits.

So if you’re interested in a chance at catching the next Reddit cannabis stock, buy some Juva (OTC: JUVAF)(CSE: JUVA).

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