DXYZ Stock — A Better Way to Invest in Private Companies

Written By Jason Williams

Updated May 16, 2024

Dear Reader,

One of the best parts of being so ingrained in the world of investments is that I’m always coming across interesting, unique, and compelling investments long before the rest of the world finds out about them. And that’s exactly what’s going on right now with a new opportunity called the Destiny Tech100 Fund (this DXYZ stock I’m talking about)…

DXYZ Stock

You see, buying DXYZ stock allows investors to gain exposure to some of the most prolific private investments in the world. I’m talking about companies like SpaceX, OpenAI, Stripe, and Epic Games. Simply put, DXYZ stock and the fund it represents allow investors to get a piece of 23 of the hottest privately owned tech firms around.

Now, if this is the first time you’re hearing about DXYZ stock and the Destiny Tech100 Fund, you’re not alone. This is a very new investment. In fact, its shares just listed on the New York Stock Exchange in late March 2024. But you’re also not going to be the last person to hear about this potentially explosive investment.

And today, I want to take a little time to talk about what DXYZ stock represents to investors, how far it’s climbed up the charts so far, whether it’s got more room to run, and another — and in my opinion, better — way for retail investors to get exposure to the best private companies on the market.

So, without further ado, let’s get started…

What Does DXYZ Stock Represent?

First things first, you need to understand what DXYZ stock and the Destiny Tech100 Fund represents and what investments it gives you exposure to. Because if you don’t know what you’re investing in, you can’t know why you’re investing in it.

And DXYZ stock represents a very interesting and unique investment opportunity for retail investors to get exposure to private companies that don’t trade on the public stock markets yet. DXYZ stock is designed to allow investors to take part in the growth of the private markets, where the majority of gains have been made for centuries.

DXYZ Stock PE Gains

You see, when it comes to outsized profits, private markets outperform even the best public ones. As you can see in the chart above, the average return for private equity is 12% per year compared with 8% per year for the S&P 500, a good representation of the U.S. stock market. And those bigger gains came with lower volatility, giving private investors much less heartburn along the way.

And that’s why DXYZ stock is so interesting to investors. It gives people who never had the chance to invest in private equity markets the opportunity to get a piece of that incredibly profitable pie. And through its holdings, DXYZ stock gives shareholders exposure to the following private companies:

DXYZ Stock Holdings

But after its debut in late March, DXYZ stock soared nearly 1,000%! And while it’s pulled back some, it’s still up nearly 500% from its IPO, and that’s likely got investors wondering if DXYZ stock has any more room to run…

Can DXYZ Stock Go Any Higher?

The company behind DXYZ stock listed shares of the fund on March 26, 2024, at a price of $9 per share. But by the time those shares hit the open market, they were already trading for $25 each.

And before March came to a close, those same shares were trading hands for well over $100 each! That means DXYZ stock went on a 1,067% run up the charts in its first week of trading! And it scored IPO investors a cool $10,667 in profit for every $1,000 they’d first invested. Not a bad showing of the power of private investments, eh?

DXYZ Stock Rally

But with a move like that, it was expected that DXYZ stock would pull back some. And that’s exactly what it did. Shares have cooled off from $105 a piece to around $60 each. But that still represents about a 500% gain from the IPO price. And that begs the question: Can these shares go any higher?

And the answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” Because these shares represent investments in the most explosive companies in the most explosive market in history. DXYZ stock also represents one of the easiest and only ways for retail investors to get access to private stocks.

So I do expect to see the share price regain its lofty heights in time. And I expect it to surpass them eventually as well. But I also know that there’s a much better way than buying DXYZ stock for investors to get exposure to the best private companies in the world…

Better Access Than DXYZ Stock

You see, several years ago, the government passed a bill known as the JOBS Act. It stood for Jumpstart Our Business Startups. And, unbeknownst to most people, it opened the most lucrative markets in history to everyday investors like you.

No longer did you have to buy something like DXYZ stock to get exposure to private companies. And no longer did you already have to be ridiculously wealthy to participate in private investments. Now, if you have an internet connection and a pulse, you too can invest in the next explosive IPO BEFORE it goes public!

And again, if this is the first time you’re hearing about it, I don’t blame you. The elite who have dominated the private markets for years don’t want you to know about this opportunity. They’d rather you buy DXYZ stock and leave the real private investments to them. Because they know exactly how profitable these investments can be.

But the other reason you likely haven’t heard about this opportunity to get better exposure to private investments than that offered by DXYZ stock is because companies don’t typically cold-call retail investors when they’re looking for funding to stimulate growth. They call institutions. They call family offices. They call venture capital and private equity firms. And they also call me…

Because, through my years on Wall Street, I made quite the network of connections in the business world. I work with venture capital firms and private equity investors. I’ve got a digital Rolodex packed with serial entrepreneurs. And I vacation with managers of multibillion-dollar family wealth offices.

That’s why I’m so in tune to this market. Not only have I been studying it since the JOBS Act passed, but I’ve been actively participating in it. I’ve been profiting from it, too. And I want to help as many people get access to these investments as possible.

Start Your Future TODAY!

So since you’re likely not getting calls to fund the next SpaceX or OpenAI, and since I get those kinds of calls all the time, I founded a first-of-its-kind advisory service called Main Street Ventures where we target the same kinds of private investments that DXYZ stock gives you access to. But we do one better and give investors the power to choose which private companies they want to fund.

So far we haven’t taken a single loss on our private investments. We’ve successfully exited five private companies once our shares started trading on the public markets. We’ve got an average 76% gain on those. Two of them returned more than 100% and none of them lost money.

DXYZ Stock MSV Exits

And we’re currently sitting on paper profits that add up to a cumulative 1,595% gain!

DXYZ Stock MSV Gain

Tell me that’s not a far better performance than DXYZ stock and I’ll give you the name of a good eye doctor. So instead of buying DXYZ stock today, I’d recommend you take that money and invest it into a membership in Main Street Ventures so you can join me and the thousands of other like-minded investors already reaping the biggest profits from the best market.

And you can let the less-informed investors focus their attention on DXYZ stock.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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