Nuclear Problems and Solutions

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 22, 2006

Nuclear Power has served humanity in its power needs within cities and towns since we found that it was cleaner than burning oil or coal.

The problem however is that it is expensive.

Not to produce mind you, but only to maintain the systems that are necessary to make the process possible.

As we know, things can go wrong, and when they do, bad things called meltdowns happen.

But a company called General Atomics is going to do their best to help.

Masters of Magnetism

The problem that they have currently with most Nuclear Power Plants is that ELMs, which are uncontrollable bursts occur within the fusion, are damaging the internal mechanisms of the system.

What researchers at General Atomics have discovered though is that my putting a magnetic coil around the reaction, they will be able to bleed off enough volatile plasma to control the ELMs.

In testing, they’ve found that they are able to completely nullify the ELM’s, but they can’t seem to control the heat produced before hand. So the volatile catalyst of the reaction still remains.

They are hopeful about the technology, and are sending it to a larger facility in Germany to test it further in the need to understand it more before implementing it.

Currently, nuclear power plants must replace an item called the diverter every 6-12 months due to explosive ELMs. This costs the plants millions a year.

If they can extend that the life of these diverters by eliminating the ELMs, it would be a breakthrough of epic proportions.

This accomplishment could revolutionize the power industry, but cannot be used without more testing.

General Atomics is currently a private company, but has various publicly traded affiliates. They hold contracts with the US Government concerning energy and military issues.

They are definitely an entity worth keeping an eye on.

If their process is approved, they may go public in order to raise the funds to begin placing their control method into the reactors now in use.

Good luck to them, it would a great opportunity for us all.

– JP Behrens

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