Natural Gas Supplies Tighten

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted December 9, 2005

Brian Hicks here.

I’m stuck at my house in rural Maryland. Last night we got our first big blast of winter, dumping 6-inches of snow.

I know, I know. Six inches, big deal. You’ll get more snow from a dry scalp!

The snow really isn’t the problem, mind you. The kids are. Or more specifically, the lawyers.

You see, in today’s litigious society (especially in Maryland), a single flake of snow is enough for the school superintendent to close school in fear of lawsuits from lawyers arguing that school kids are in danger of slipping on ice on their way to the bus stop.

As if kids won’t slip on ice running to their favorite hill to sleigh-ride down.

Give me a break.

But I’m not here to complain about trial lawyers. I’m here to give kudos to Jeff Siegel, editor of Green Chip Stocks.

A few weeks ago, while natural gas and oil were sliding in price, Jeff was telling me that the market was about to get blindsided.

Because of the usually mild autumn we were experiencing, heating bills were still fairly reasonable. But Jeff was telling me that one big cold snap in the US would send the price of natural gas through the roof. And this meant that his renewable energy stocks, especially solar, would rally.

He was right.

Now before I go any further, I must show you a chart of natural gas. Take a look:

There’s no better evidence that natural gas supplies are tighter than Joan Rivers’ face. To the point, there’s simply no room for a mistake. A prolonged cold-spell will send natural gas prices through the roof.

I mean, imagine where the price of natural gas will be in January… February?

With that said, Wall Street is turning more and more to alternative energy stocks.

Now, Jeff has probably told you about the successful IPO of SunPower (SPWR – NASDAQ) a few weeks ago. And now, another solar company is going IPO.

What does this mean?

With Wall Street eyeing alternative and renewable energy stocks, everything in this space is a prime candidate for coverage.

Luckily, Jeff knows which stocks stand to explode in value as investment dollars search for ways to play this emerging sector. And he’s had great success, with portfolio returns of 41.02% in 2005.

And I’ve also asked Jeff to provide Wealth Daily readers with an update regarding the upcoming IPO.

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