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Finding a Solution to the Lithium Shortage

Written By Monica Savaglia

Posted April 5, 2022

The surge of electric vehicles is creating an impending wave of high demand for lithium. And historically, lithium mining has been fickle. The industry has been fairly small and its supply unpredictable because when it comes to mining, it can be all about the right timing.

Now, with the big push for electric vehicles as the future of transportation, that rush to grab lithium supplies is going to be even more fierce. You can’t build an electric vehicle battery without lithium, and without that key power source, there won’t be any electric vehicles. Yet almost every automaker is pushing forward with their electric vehicle lines. And companies like Stellantis and LG Energy Solution are opening up battery factories in America to build made-in-the-USA vehicles and EV batteries.

Lithium Demand Grows Fierce

The companies involved with developing batteries for electric vehicles and the automakers that will depend on these batteries are putting themselves in an interesting position because of their dependency on lithium. Recently, the Biden administration announced that it would invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA). This would ensure that the lithium supply comes from the U.S. along with other important minerals and materials needed to build batteries like graphite, nickel, cobalt, and manganese for the transportation and power sectors.

The administration continues to stress that it plans on reducing the U.S.’s dependency on foreign sources, stating that these sources are a national security concern. The Defense Production Act goes back to the 1950s and has been used over the decades as an answer to immediate concerns. For example, just a couple of years ago, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, former President Trump used it to ramp up face mask and personal protective equipment production when supplies were low and in high demand.

The White House said:

Specifically the DPA will be authorized to support the production and processing of minerals and materials used for large capacity batteries — such as lithium, nickel,  cobalt, graphite, and manganese —  and the Department of Defense will implement this authority using strong environmental, labor, community, and tribal consultation standards…

The president is also reviewing potential further uses of DPA — in addition to minerals and materials — to secure safer, cleaner, and more resilient energy for America.

Not Enough Lithium Being Produced

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has estimated that by 2040, the world will require 17 times more lithium than it currently produces to meet global climate goals. And the chief operating officer of Benchmark, Andrew Miller said, “There’s not enough lithium out there being produced.”

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, it’s not quite adding up. As the demand for lithium and other battery materials grows higher, it will most likely result in prices spiking, which will make it even harder for companies to make batteries for EVs, not to mention every other technology device that requires lithium. Miller says, “We think it’s going to postpone some of the rollout of electrification.”

And it will. The supply will be sparse and the demand is going to be higher than ever since we now have to depend on the minerals and materials that are only made in the U.S., putting limits on an already limited supply. We’re going to need to go beyond depending on mining for lithium supply.

Finding a Solution to the Lithium Shortage Problem

A new technology could change the course of America’s energy history and lithium supply. This technology has the potential to secure a steady supply of lithium without having to mine it. It could also put America in the position of not having to rely on other countries for lithium. 

What’s even more impressive about this technology is that its production process uses a combination of safe, nontoxic liquid chemicals inside a lab. It’s 100% emission-free, and not a single drop of water is wasted throughout the process.

The company has already been signing deals left and right with some of the largest automakers and battery manufacturers. We already know that lithium supply is going to soar with the continued development of EVs and our precious tech devices, so this company is set to be in a unique position to benefit from the demand.

So have I piqued your interest yet? When I found out about this technology, I was stunned as to why I haven’t been hearing more about it. That’s why I wanted to share this rare opportunity with you. Go here for your chance to hear more about this tech and the company that’s behind it.

I believe this technology is going to be the direction that we’ll begin to move toward, especially in the next few years in order to meet our nation’s lithium demands. 

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