Ethereum Breaks $100: We Are Just Getting Started

Alexandra Perry

Updated May 5, 2017

As I type this, history is being made.

Almost every digital currency has surged in value this week.

But the digital currency that investors should be paying attention to is Ethereum.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ethereum, it is a powerhouse investment. Ethereum holds the second-largest proportion of the cryptocurrency market outside of Bitcoin. And its value has been skyrocketing since 2016.

But Ethereum is so much more than a digital currency. In fact, many investors don’t realize that Ethereum isn’t a currency at all. It is a network that powers its digital currency, Ether.

The Ethereum network itself is so powerful that it could serve as the foundation of a new internet — one that is decentralized, hack proof, and incredibly lucrative.

The past week has proven the network’s potential.

A month ago, many were speculating that Ethereum wouldn’t break $55.

And those people were very wrong. Becuase this morning, Ethereum became the fourth digital currency to break $100 in value.

If you invested in Ethereum when it was still hovering around $50, you would have doubled your investment.

But don’t worry. This digital currency train is still idling in the station. Investors can expect Ethereum to double its value again. And again. And again…

At its current rate, many analysts speculate that Ethereum could top Bitcoin this year.

And a lot of Ethereum’s current success stems from interest from mega-companies, including Bank of America and JPMorgan who are both working on private projects involving the network and its digital currency.

And these companies could push Ethereum’s value even higher.

We are going to be covering Ethereum extensively as it begins its rise to cryptocurrency glory. We can’t emphasize enough that this investment is just getting started.

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